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Cuba or Bust


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Well, after becoming totally overwhelmed with resort reviews on the web, we have finally picked Cuba for our January/February 2009 wedding. We are just taking our brothers, their girlfriends and two friends so it will be small affair. No invites. No gifts. No speeches.


But, lots of drinks and hopefully sun.


We have narrowed down our resort choices to two: PRDO and RHE. PRDO is our first choice, but there is a chance that it might be too expensive (we are topping up the cost of the trip for our brothers and their girlfriends). What was most important to us was that we be married on a gazebo that overlooks the water. Anyone know of any other Cuban resorts that have a similar idea.


We would really like to bring our own photographer, but I think we can realistically only afford to split one. If anyone would like to split a photographer in Cuba in the last week in January or the first few weeks of February (we aren't booked yet so we are flexible), please let me know.


For anyone else, let me know if you have any advice for navigating through this process ...

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We will be in Cuba the exact same time with a pro photographer, but will be no where near Holguin or Santa Maria....


We'll be in Varadero.


I know a lot about Varadero, but little about Holguin or Santa Maria - other than the fact that many people that have visited Santa Maria say that the area is very secluded, gorgeous, but little to do other than on resort activities.


We love Varadero!

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Thanks all for the quick replies. I am a bit overwhelmed at this point having really only researched resorts.


We are open to other resorts besides RHE and PRDO. Because we won't be booking for another month or so and it is getting late, I want to have a few options out there. Maybe you girls can help add to my list.


These are my criteria in order of importance:


1. Gazebo overlooking water in a somewhat private area;

2. Cuba;

3. adults only;

3. nice pool with swim up bar;

4. nice beach;

5. decent food; and

6. price.


I am open to Varadero, though it isn't as important for our group that there is a decent night-life off the resort. This is a R&R trip for most. However, you do bring up a good point about lack of things to do off the resort. My FI and I are planning to head down a week before the rest of the group arrives. Do you think that we should stay at a different resort just to change things up?


Because this is a quasi-elopement (8 people counting us - though I have a nagging and somewhat confirmed feeling that my mom might show up) price isn't a major factor, though it is a factor though we will be topping up four of our six guests so we don't want to break the bank.


Amarillis, I am also working with Megan Crouse although we haven't booked yet. I am sending you a PM.

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We got married in Holguin and there was LOTS to do off the resort. People from our group did all kinds of stuff all the time and loved it all. So do not let that be a concern of yours.


Varadero is more of a party place and not so high on the R&R, I was there 2 times and in Holguin for our wedding and Holguin is much much more relaxing. So look into it a little more before you just change your mind.


If I can help you out at all, please let me know. As I said, I have been to Varadero twice and Holguin once.

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Hi there

Just reading down the Cuba Forum it looks like VariaStudio has shot a wedding or two at PRDO and says it is beautiful. She has the pics of a wedding posted .... and it is beautiful.

I have picked Holguin for my wedding on Dec 29th. My agent said it would be a bit warmer than Veradero as it is further south.

Good luck with planning.

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