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Newbie here.. torn between Vegas and Mexico!


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My FI and I recently moved to Vegas (2 mos ago) and we love it here. Our family and friends are spread out around the US (Houston, New Orleans, Vermont, New Mexico, etc, etc), so no matter where we have it people will be flying.


We always dreamed of having our wedding in mexico (playa or cabo), but we're starting to second guess that lately with the ridiculous airfare prices! A houston-cabo flight is now around $850! I think on average if we went with an AI, our guests would spend $2,000 each coming to our wedding. We want a small wedding (around 50ish), but our extended family might not be too keen on spending that much ! Also, friends might not enjoy spending that much on coming to a wedding.. arg


Vegas isn't free, but flights are much cheaper, and there are so many more hotel options to fit into any budget.


Targeting a wedding next fall (Sept or Oct), so hopefully we decide the place soon!

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I am getting married in vegas in...a week! (wow a week-holy shi*t!!!) I dont feel anywhere has the scenery Vegas has-BUt thats for me---Im from NY!! Vegas is our place-we have been together like 10 times and our best friends live there.


Id say do as you wish-but many people might not pay 2000 to go to mexico-if you are ok with that-go for your dream. if you want more peole-stay with vegas!


Im using Vintage Vegas Weddings | The Las Vegas Wedding Professionals for mine-they have good locals packages!! The photographer is awesome! You can do a Lake las vegas package-sure not the ocean-but maybe a good substitute?? Hope that helps a little!

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