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  1. Wow, sounds like you did great Morgan!! I'm spending $350 also and get all that you listed except champagne (but I wouldn't have wanted that anyhow so that's ok). The hotel for my guests is only $50/night, but we're not at a big resort.... of course the only people attending is our daughter and our two sets of parents. So we're having a very small, intimate, casual event. I can't wait!
  2. Cost is a major issue for me too, so my wedding is no where near what some of the girls on here are doing. Yes, some are having extravagent but very beautiful weddings....that's just not in my budget unfortunately. I may get some backlash for saying this, but I actually disagree with the advise to hire a travel agent (just my opinion). If you take the time to research and really dig using the various forums and google searches, you can find all kinds of options and determine the least expensive choice that still meets your standards. For me, Playa del Carmen was still too pricey so I started looking in other areas. I found a place in Akumal that does very low-key, laid-back beach weddings (just my type) and the hotel rates were incredible. Yes the location isn't as opulant as some of these resorts.....but it's nice.... So I guess I'd say maybe be open to the idea of making some compromises to get what you want (beach wedding with family). feel free to PM me if you'd like info on what I'm doing, but I'll post full reviews w/ pics after my wedding....
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jennyatk I love the photos but will it really matter in 10 years? I just want to say this is the only thing that will matter in 10 years (other than having your man of course). After the day is done the only thing you have is your memories -- preserve them with great photos no matter who you choose. Good luck w/ your decision
  4. Agreed with everyone who's already posted. A little common sense (like stay out of shady parts of town esp at night, don't walk on the beach at night alone, etc) goes a LONG way
  5. This discussion seemed to have some good recommendations for locations. In that thread Morgan gave this site that has some of the cenote locations (although the pricing info is outdated).
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by adias.angel In the end my FI saw the TTD cenote tour that Del Sol does and fell in love. Do you have a link for this? I can't decide between a cenote, Tulum, or a private beach.... decisions, decisions.....
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by happygilmore I believe the picture you found the woman had made that herself, did you get that off the knot website? Does anyone have a link to this thread? I tried searching, but had no luck...
  8. If you want to save some $$ on postage, instead of sending a box, send them in an envelope but pay a surcharge of $0.20 to have them hand stamped. This way the starfish won't be crushed in the mailing process because they're processed outside of the post office's machines. This surcharge is in addition to the regular postage of $0.42 for one oz. and $0.59 for two oz.
  9. There are some great photogs here on the forum so just search around a bit. Also, check with some local photogs in your area to see if you could fly someone out (sometimes they'll do the wedding for really inexpensive prices in exchange for a working vacation).
  10. Quote: Can someone advise why they would be against this? Do they generally not do a good job? If I were you I'd ask to see the portfolio of the photographer at your resort/the local photographer. Then compare it with other destination photographers to see if you feel confident with their ability. Once you find the style you like, obtain pricing sheets and compare prices after that
  11. I'm getting married Sept 24th so I'll be doing the no rain dance with you. I went to Playa del Carmen in 2001 during Sept, and although it rained one day, it would be a heavy downpour for a bit and then the sun would reappear.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by tonyschreiber What gets a wedding photographer banned from a resort? Ditto..... yikes.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ericaandsy • Non Mexican Citizen: Mexican working visa, FM2 or FM3, RFC, 3 nights hotel or $500.00 US Thanks for the info.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by tonyschreiber When I shot in the Bahamas recently, I had to get a work permit - it's explicitly for non-nationals. The big picture is that it prevents immigrants from taking unskilled jobs away from existing citizens. But for infrequent, skilled jobs like this it's just a pain in the butt. Eeek, it does sound like a pain!
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