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I have been a total stress-ball because I wanted to have my info brochures sent weeks ago and I had not yet completed them! But after working long and hard on them these last few weeks, they are done! I attempt to print them on my printer and it stops working! So, I decide to just take them to Kinko's. Once an example printed, I realize the background pic needed to be edited, then I had to go back and change the transparency % amount of the text box SEVERAL times, and then after FIVE trips back to Kinko I'm relieved I am finally ready to print them. They come out looking great, I rush home to start folding them, then guess what?! I have an entire sentence cut off!!!! How the hell did I miss that?! I cut it off when changing the length of the text box and I have no clue how I overlooked it. girl_werewolf.gif


After preventing the tears from coming down, I corrected the text box and went back to Kinko's. The guy working there must have felt bad because he only charged me for one-sided printing this second time. So, I ended up spending $27 the first time and $13 the second time (I needed 25 total). It's much more than I was planning on spending, but at least he saved me a few $$ at the end! Oh, and I forgot to mention I purchased envelopes there at the very end, forgot them, and had to go back. I'm never showing my face there again smile27.gif


BTW, thanks to everyone who posted their brochure examples because they helped me out soooo much (especially Morgan's)!!

Here's what I made:


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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