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Has anyone heard of a DIGITAL PERM?

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Originally Posted by Angel View Post
t looks nice.
When I read it I thought you did a makeover on a website where you can try out new do's on yourself. LOL!!!!
HAAAAAAHH! OMG - I thought the same thing! Then I remembered the discussion about digital perms before and thought maybe she got a perm-perm!

Anyhow Leia- it looks great! Just enough to give it some body and movement! It looks great on you! It is very flattering and sexy! After looking at your hair - I am reconsidering cutting mine off after the wedding.

You look beautiful - even without makeup!

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Leia, I LOVE IT!!! I do hair and I have been talking about this with everyone at work. There is only one salon in Seattle that offers this right now. Everyone at work thinks I am crazy because I can totally get the same effect doing a different method. But I want a digital perm!!

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