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  1. I didn't have a good hair trial at all. Leticia wasn't there when I was at the resort. I recommend a trial and a backup plan if you decide to go with PRC. I didn't inquire about makeup services, but did see some makeup that was on the counter at the salon and it looked kinda old. Again, I didn't inquire about it, but what I saw was not impressive. ktchi, have you looked at booking via a travel agent? Many of their packages include rt ground transportation. Our guests didn't have problems with cabs. The taxi queue at the airport is very well organized and getting a cab from the resort is really easy. Have you heard from Perla about your date yet? It might be worth it to give her a call and lock down the date. Congrats
  2. I have a *fantastic* MUA to recommend! I can pm you his info. I think it may be in my wedding review too - not sure though.
  3. Smashbox Photofinish Light! It gives your face a smooth even surface for the makeup. There is definitely a difference in the way your foundation looks and durability throughout the day. Get a few samples from Sephora and see which you like best! I love Smashbox, but going to explore and try Laura Mercier next time.
  4. Welcome Detroit Bride! Having a buffet reception really helps keep costs low since it includes an open bar for 3 hours.
  5. Congrats on being a Mrs and having a perfect day! The link doesn't work
  6. Lauren, how was your wedding day? Can't wait to see those beautiful pictures! Congrats! Katie, welcome! I checked rates online and with a travel agent. In the end, we got a slightly better deal with the agent which also included roundtrip shuttle service. The rate we got last year was ~ $300 per night for two people including taxes. I'm so glad you're going to visit Paradisus, Sarah! You're going to have such a good time. Check out the lobby area for some pictures. It's beautiful and I wish I had taken advantage of it for pics!
  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love the picture of you guys dancing on the pier! Congrats
  8. Goosebumps! The pictures are so romantic and you were truly a beautiful bride Congrats again!
  9. Wow, what an amazing photog. You look fabulous! Can't wait to see the rest!
  10. Thanks for your kind words ladies. EM is fantastic and it was a pleasure working with her. It feels so good to be a Mrs. now, and I am excited for all the upcoming brides-to-be! Cherish every moment of getting married
  11. YAY Lauren! You are going to have such a wonderful time! My fingers are crossed for a rain-free day Are you all done with planning and ready to go?
  12. I forgot that I started this thread! We signed up for the Mayan Encounter tour online. Call ahead to ask for promotions. They had a couple for certain days of the week, but we had plans. On our trip, there were 8 visitors and 1 tour guide. After traveling with a huge group to Chichen Itza the previous day with another company, this smaller group was a nice change of pace. The 10 passenger van picked us up right on time and we were on our way. The van was fine, but my only problem was that the last row of seats did not get as much a/c. Our first stop was the Alltournative store. There, we had some coffee, cookies, went to the restroom, etc. We talked a little bit about our trip. We were just there briefly, and I didn't see the point in stopping there. Not a big deal though. Coba. Our guide there was very informative. We had plenty of time to hike (you can also take a bike taxi or ride a bike) over to the ruin and climb it. There was plenty of complimentary water when we returned to the van. Mayan village. I enjoyed our ride through the village looking at houses and such. Our guide told us about how the village developed and about the daily life of a Mayan. Cenote. A cultural leader did a blessing ceremony before we went into the centoe - very neat! This was a closed cenote which is underground and very different from Ik-Hil, the one we visited the day before. Both very different yet cool experiences! Rappelling. If you like rappelling or look forward to lengthy rappel down, you'll be disappointed. It was an incredibly short trip down to the bottom and over before I knew it. Eh. Zip-line. This was a lot of fun. We went once across this area with tons of trees. Lunch. It was very good! There was veggie soup, chicken dish, rice, beans, etc. Kayaking. We kayaked from this pond back to where our van was located. The water was calm. There wasn't much to see, but it a relaxing trip. Back to the Alltournative store. We ended the day with a round of tequila shots. They took pictures throughout the trip and had them for sale. We bought one Figured it was a good cause! There wasn't any pressure to purchase any though. We took a few pictures through out the trip and the guide was fine with it. Overall, I would definitely take another tour from this company even though it seems to be more expensive compared other companies out there. I liked the small group, fun and informative guide, professional operation and the fact that the zip-line, rappelling, etc had safe equipment and that they checked everything. We talked to a couple who had two previous excursions with Alltournative and they enjoyed those also. Hope this helps!
  13. I visited Hitched, Rizik's, Terri Lynn Bridal, and Hannelore's. Ultimately, I bought my dress at Hannelore's and had a great experience. PM me if you want my consultant's name there - she was great. I know it's gotten some poor reviews on Yelp, but perhaps that had to do with person the bridal was working with during the visit.
  14. A light, subtle green: Broletto Trim Fit Textured Dress Shirt - Dress Shirts - Nordstrom
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