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please help....HATE my dress on me.. UPDATE!

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#41 vale

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    Posted 22 June 2008 - 07:09 AM

    I'm with most other people, i think they both look lovely on you but I think the strapless has the edge, really shows you figure off well.

    #42 CJEB

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      Posted 22 June 2008 - 07:38 AM

      Hun, it is your dress, do what you feel you need to do,

      #43 Karen

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        Posted 22 June 2008 - 08:08 AM

        I like the strapless on you. But pick what you love. My measure of the perfect dress/ outfit is the one you can stop staring at yourself in. Go with your gut!
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        #44 RORJamaica Bride 050809

        RORJamaica Bride 050809
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          Posted 22 June 2008 - 09:31 AM

          I vote for the strapless! I love it!

          #45 BEACHBRIDEMA

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            Posted 22 June 2008 - 09:38 AM

            I think it looks great on you. I like it strapless better
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            #46 Davematthews16

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              Posted 22 June 2008 - 10:25 AM

              Originally Posted by Heather007
              Personally, I think that they are both beautiful. However, with that being said, I do think that the strapless looks better on you. You look more confident in it, plus, it's so pretty. Additionally, the strapless has an empire waist, emphazing the breast and sliming the waist, while the halter seems to cut you in half. Hope that helps!!!!

              Confidence is key! You look a lot more confident in the strapless. BTW if you hate the halter, I don't think you will "fall in love with it more" as time goes on. Just get one you feel like a princess in :) You look gorgeous in both! CONGRATS on losing a few pouds too (I KNOW how hard it is, because I am trying to lose about 15 myself) GOOD LUCK!

              #47 logorman

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                Posted 22 June 2008 - 11:01 AM

                The strapless looks fabulous. I would go with that choice.
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                #48 ~*petals*~

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                  Posted 22 June 2008 - 11:50 AM

                  I voted for the strapless too-- let us know what you decide to go with!

                  #49 jajajaja

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                    Posted 22 June 2008 - 12:20 PM

                    I voted for the strapless. I think both dresses look good on you but I think the strapless accented your body better.

                    BTW- I cried my eyes out when I saw pictures of me in my dress for the first time. I bought my dress at a shop that didn't allow pictures so when it finally came in 6 months later I got to try it on and take pics. I was horrified when I saw the pics and cried forever.

                    One- the lighting sucks. It's not flattering so don't trust the pictures.
                    Two- those dresses aren't altered to fit you perfectly yet.

                    Don't stress yet! :) I promise it will look so much better when it's in a softer, natural light and it's altered to fit YOU. I think it looks beautiful right now anyways. Good luck!
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                    #50 1elephant

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                      Posted 22 June 2008 - 12:24 PM

                      i'm going with the other 80+ people and voting for strapless. i think it looks great!

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