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please help....HATE my dress on me.. UPDATE!

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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
Fabulous dress - and you look beautiful in it! It looks like your David's Bridal is much more service oriented than mine - mine would not even clip the dresses for me when I was trying them on.
I'm also doing weight watchers....just started (again) last week.......my goal is 15 lb loss by 12/1.

Good luck to you -you look amazing!
I think it depends on the day at our Davids! Some days they are a great help and some days you mine as well be on your own! (I have been there a few times lately bc of friends weddings).

Good luck with your weight loss...Im sure you can do it!! I would actually have to lose 20lbs to reach my old goal weight but Im not 21 yrs old anymore so its not quite as easy but Id like to lose 15!

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That dress is beautiful! Strapless is a surprisingly good choice for "busty" girls. I'm so happy you found "the one"

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