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Well girls....I just got in last night at 2am. I had an AMAZING time. I am waiting on pictures back but all I can say is....everything was PERFECT. I am picky and I loved everything about the resort and my wedding was more then PERFECT! I'll post the details very soon! Nothing to worry about :)

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Anyone using paper lanterns for your centerpieces? I am worried that the wind will knock them over. Has anyone had or thought about this if they are using them?

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Hi, I just got back from a site visit at Azul Sensatori. I'll post a longer review later but I wanted to let everyone know that the resort is very beautiful and the food is SO good!! I didn't get to eat very much since I was there only one night but what I did have was amazing!! I also loved the spa... I did the water journey (which was only $45) and it was awesome... I think it would be great to do with your bridesmaids!


One thing I wanted to let everyone know is that the beach as SO windy at night! During the day it was beautiful but at night I couldn't even have a conversation because I felt like I was being blown over. Maybe it was just a random night (the weather was really weird when I was there) but I just wanted to let you guys know.


I loved the sky deck for the ceremony and the gazebo for the reception.... very pretty!!

Zocalo resturant patio is also a perfect place for a reception.


There wasn't much going on at night but I went to bed earlier because I was so exhausted so maybe it picked up later at night.


All the staff was so sweet.... tipping a few dollars really made their nights.


Overall, the resort is amazing! You guys are going to have a great wedding!!!

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Hey ladies...

Question to you all... a friend has offed to take our wedding photos for us as a wedding present. Since the photographer dilemma seems to be one of the biggest, I think it would be a great route to go!

Since she is offering the photos as a wedding pressy and we wouldn't be paying her, would she still need a permit?

Anyone know the process of getting a permit? We are only two months out so time is getting short!


Thank you in advance!


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Hi ladies!

Can you please add me to the list? I will be getting married on Feb 14, 2010!

I'm only just getting my save the dates together. I wanted to ask you ladies how you handled booking the rooms? We have a travel agent and we're holding 10 rooms for now. Did you find that most of your guests booked off travel websites or was a travel agent necessary? It seems you can find better prices online sometimes.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated!


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