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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Afrommert Can anyone give me inside scoop about the azul sensatori resort? Likes/dislikes? Is there a wedding coordinater at the resort? I need some good tips Thanks anyone?? Afrommert - Welcome! This is a GREAT thread. If I did not have this thread I would have been really scared to get married at Azul. These girls will keep you sane I have already gotten married at Azul and I absolutely LOVED It. I have to agree that packages are pretty pricy and just when you think you paid for everything...you go the meeting a couple days before and drop an unexpected $2,000 for basically nothing. I had the MOST perfect day ever! I SWEAR not one thing went wrong. The resort is georgeous and VERY clean. The only complaint I have would be the entertainment. There is ONE show every night, but it's more geared towards older people. The pools close around 6pm so after that you go to dinner and possibly go to the show if you want to. I spent everyday at the pool, took a nap, dinner, show, bed. My guests loved it too. The wedding was perfect. DO NOT WORRY! Their is a wedding coordinator on site at the wedding and the reception. No need to worry PROMISE! I have been to dreams as well. not nearly as nice or friendly! Good luck!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan I know that's so dumb that they charge you for moving them! Actually, I don't think they will even move them for a minimal charge, I'm pretty sure they make you pay all over again to get the sashes on the chairs, even if you already paid for them for the ceremony. That is true...you pay 2 times. I had yellow bows for the ceremony, but to save some money we did white bows for the reseption. They are cheaper but not much!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan Shannon, did you have a cake, and if you did, do you have a photo of it? I didn't notice any in your slideshow. If there is one and I missed it, let me know. Sorry it took so long to respond...I had a personal heart cake. The one that comes with the gold package. We did teramisu for the guests as part of their entrees. No one ate desert because they were having too much fun. One of the best decisions I made.
  4. ps...i am super fair skin and i had the best tan of my life NO JOKE! Just put on sun screen and you will be fine!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ Shannon - yeah I'm trying to stay positive . I guess deep down I know that I probably won't even notice any of the things I'm worrying about right now when the actual day comes. It just sucks because we had a lot of people drop out, so I didn't initially envision my wedding to be this small. Oh well. We leave for Mexico on Oct 31st, a Sat and our wedding is on the Thursday. So I guess my next biggest fear is TAN LINES!! LOL. I have such fair skin and I burn so easily. I bought enough tube tops and strapless bikinis to get me through until Thurs lol! I think the best thing we ever did was go down the Friday before the wedding. We had time to relax and take it all in. After our guests left it wasn't as fun. Kinda felt blahhh because the wedding talk was all over. I am glad you get to go down early
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan Thanks for the link shannon and your pictures are beautiful! I love the yellow. HOw many guests did u have? Nicole, I think it is perfectly fine for you to have your GM walk you down. It will be very nice and intimate having a small group there. It will be beautiful no matter how many people are there. And, a positive is that you are saving a ton of money having only 7 people! I had 40 guests. BUt 16 of them were in my wedding. So it only looked like 20.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ I am actually getting really nervous . I have no one to walk me down the aisle and I don't know why but it has just recently started to bother me. My bro is a GM - would it be horrible if I asked him? LOL! We only have 7 people coming so I just can't picture in my head how this is all going to pan out. I saw in your pics that you had a pretty big group, so everything looked perfect! All I can picture for mine is 2 people sitting there looking at us thinking "OMG this is so lame". yeah.....i'm starting to get stressed out. Since we're such a small group I have opted to go the spoon restaurant route for dinner. From what I understand this isn't a popular choice. Did you happen to see anyone do this the week you were there? Nicole....group or no group, this day is about you and your husband. I understand how you feel...but on the day of...when you see your husband standing there you will not care about anything else. I PROMISE!!! Even if you have a small group the resort makes it look like a lot more plus when you are having your wedding there are guests watching too From up top. As far as dinner...I would recommend you have it at the italian place or Tapez Restaurant. Spoon is very nice but that is the place most people go to breakfast every morning. I did have my rehersal dinner at Spoon and it was very nice at dinner time. Please do not stress...I PROMISE all will be perfect the day of. When are you getting there? When is the wedding?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Allisa Shannon your pics were gorgeous! Thank you for sharing1 What time did you have your ceremony and what time did the sun set for you? cermony was 4pm and reception was 6pm. Did not get dark until 8pm.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsVaughn2B Shannon, Did you get your make or hair done at the resort? What did you think of the services? Any recommendations. Thanks in advance, Andrea- Yes I did...to be honest...the rehersal hair was HORRIBLE. The day of I had 9 girls and everyones hair was amazing! I would tell you to make sure you stay simple. I brought a picture to my rehersal and they could not even come close to it. Let them show you what they are good at and choose from their pics. Thats what we did for the day of and all my girls looked great!
  10. Hi Girls, I have been married since 6/26/09. I know I am a new bride but I wanted to comment too I was so excited for the wedding at Azul Sensatori, and it was PERFECT. Not just because it was my day...but it REALLY WAS. I am SO over all of the wedding planning. I am working on my sister's wedding now. She gets married in November. I really hate planning wedding after how long and stressful mine was, but I'm trying to stay happy and help out where I can. My husband and I just bought a condo. We wanted to buy a house but it's just so crazy with all the money we spent on the wedding it's nearly impossibly to come up with all the settlement money. Basically since the wedding has been over we have been dealing with the condo stuff non-stop. I am wondering at what point do things calm down and I can enjoy the marriage. Any advise?
  11. Would anybody be interested in getting OOT bags done? My girlfriend did them for me. They were an amazing gift for guests. EVERYONE used one. If your interested...PM me and I will give you her link and email. This is the one she did for me.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Shannon, I love the yellow! The baby yellow bridesmaids dresses are the perfect compliment to yours as well and it looks like it was a BEAUTIFUL day when you got married Let us know if you do a planning & or review thread Thank you! Can you PM the link to Meghan? She can not get it to come up. Thanks!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ Shannon I LOVE your pics! You guys look great! And OMG the pics really captured how emotional your ceremony was, geez get me a kleenex. Thanks Nicole! Are you getting excited for your wedding? Do you have any questions I might be able to answer for you?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan I'm so excited to see your pics but when i click on the link it says page not found....u sure you put down the correct link? try this: http://mexicanweddingphotos.com/edua...annon_jeffrey/ Username: mwp_bride Password: Mwp77500
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart I had a feeling we wouldn't qualify for that... but if it says that it's an option on Lomas that's false advertising! Oh well... Good luck Ash, maybe they'll discount you the difference! Here are my wedding pics if you are interested. http://mexicanweddingphotos.com/edua...annon_jeffrey/ Username: mwp_bride Password: Mwp77500
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