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  1. Totally, It was more than enough. Everyone raved and I think there was soemthing for everyone young and old!
  2. 1. I rented their sound system (The $250 one) and used an IPOD and it was fabulous. I even had another bride come up to me at the bar after and ask if they could buy my IPOD from me for her reception the next day 2. I went super simple as well and really it looked great. The setting is so pretty 3. I Did the Petit Gourmet Package for $60 people; I think it was like $22 a person. It was simple but really good and everyone raved about the food
  3. I used the salon for hair and makeup and they were FANTASTIC!!! I had brought all my own make-up cause I was worried they wouldn't have what I wanted but they had an even better selection and we ended up using mostly their for make up. Hair was great but I did clip in extentions all loose and flowy so i can't comment on their up dos but I was very pleased!!! Plus with all the stress of having 60 people there It was nice those 2 days to be by myself in the salon for a hour or so. Very relaxing. I did do the trial and day of and I am glad I did. The trial took about an hour and half and then day of I was in and out in an hour
  4. We had our 65 person group split in 2 - The older half went to the Mojita Bar and the younger half went to the Disco; Everyone had a FAB Time! Don't quote me on this but my WC told me that the resort would not accept or hold shipments but I also never fought it I just downsized
  5. agreed. We are already starting to look at wear we want to go for our first anniversary and I think you might have put one in the running!
  6. Also Look into Real Touch Flowers - ALL of my flowers including my bouquet were fake and looked so real. I used an ETSY seller and she made a custom arrangement for me for a fraction of the price. I even had a hard time convincing Mexican customs they weren't real. I had to take them out of the plastic and show them. If you want to check it out here is her store. i am sure she can make a hair piece as well http://www.etsy.com/shop/modagefloral Plus I now have my bouquet in a vase on a shelf and I love it! Reminds me of what a good time we had everyday
  7. They do not have waiters pool side at any pool except the Prem one. Also the premimum pool dumps into the main pool bar on that side of the resort so they aren't really that strict at all. Just make sure you have a room number in the prem section and your good to go. To be honest we went there one day but then ended up over at the other smiw up bar and pool area the rest of the time because our group grew to like 20 -30 people at a time and we thought that might be a bit too much for the prem section to handle. The poolside butlers could be slow and the bartendars at the poolbars were faster It was Really fun either way!!!
  8. Jesse, My hubby and I were in the prem section with one other couple that were guest of ours. all you have to do is request a cabana from the pool butler when you get out there. You tell him your room number. then about 10 of our friends came over from their regular rooms and they did serve them. I think as long as it's not too crazy. i will say the service by the pool butlers can be fast or really slow pretty much depends on the demand But no they were not strict
  9. Bigboponthebeach WELCOME!!! Your wedding looked so awesome! I am so happy it went well! Still have to read the review but I am sure it's very simular expereinces to us other past brides. CONGRATS again!!!!! I did them on Shutterfly, Look under Announcements and they have a ton of templetes. I feel in love with these and everyone raved about them!
  10. Also ask your WC I rented centerpieces from Lomas and just got square vases with Limes ONLY in them and they charged me $35 a centerpiece just to give you another option. I told her I couldn't afford the flowers and I saw another bride on here had used just limes in a glass square vase and they looked great!!!
  11. Here are the 2 annoucements I did POST wedding 1. is Thank you for attending 2. is one I sent to people who were invited but didn't attend! I am pretty proud of them. Did them on Shutterfly
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