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  1. -Our guests did the same exact thing. We are ending up having 37 people coming with us to Mexico. Our travel agent rushed us to book and we had some people who waited and then had to pay more. We leave tomorrow morning for our wedding! We are so excited! Thanks for helping us get through the planning process. This website has been a life saver.
  2. I got my lanterns and fans at this website. Paper Lanterns, Party Supplies and Chinese Paper Lanterns - PaperLanternStore.com
  3. I am also using paper lanterns as center pieces and have been wondering the same thing. Help!!!
  4. Sienna was not an option for our wedding reception at the time that we had to make a decision, but I have heard that the food is really good. I also heard the set up fee is around $50.00. I also thought someone said it had to be cash. If someone has already been there, is that correct?
  5. How much money are people bringing to tip with? We leave in 1 week and I am trying to get everything organized, but I am not sure how much cash to have on hand. Does anyone have an idea of how much to bring?
  6. Dealing with the guest list we made 3 seperate lists to get us started. The first list was the "Must Have" list, the second list was "Love to Invite" list, and the 3rd list was the "Would Be Nice to invite list." We also are paying for the wedding, so in our case we did not invite anyone on the 3rd list. We ended up inviting all of the people in the 1st list and a few in the 2nd list. We ended up inviting about 75-100 people and we had 40 book to come. It ended up perfect! We wanted a small wedding with just close friends and family, and that is what we have. Since we are paying for the wedding I didn't have to have too many conversations about my mother and father's guest list. We invited a few of the people on their guest list, but most of them are not coming. Maybe you could as your parents to divide their guest list into those 3 categories to get you started. Also, FYI....I was surprised at how expensive everything at the resort is. Even the basic things are priced really high. I felt like I needed to have certain things due to the fact that people were traveling so far and speding so much money to come. That made our decision to have a smaller wedding much easier. Hope this helps. I know what a sticky subject that is.
  7. I am getting married on July 10th, 2009. Are there anymore July brides on the blog?
  8. How many people sit at each table during the reception? I was told 8, but by looking at some of the pictures of receptions it looks like 5. Does anyone know?
  9. Erika, Your pictures were beautiful. They did some really cool things with lighting. You guys looked like you had a great time! Where did you have your reception at? Thanks for sharing!
  10. Does anyone know what the dress code is for the restaurants in the evening? The Karisma website used to list a dress code for all restaurants in the evening, but now the only one that has any dress code is Le Chique. Does anyone have more information on this?
  11. Hey girls, I was curious if anyone had a list of music they were playing at their reception. I am a little behind and need to get my playlist together but don't even know where to start. I would really appreciate it!
  12. What exactly is the oval deck? I haven't heard of this one. Is it the same as the new plaza deck?
  13. For anyone who has already been there... I talked with my travel agent and my guests are in the azul building and also the adult building. My fiance and I are in the honeymoon suite in the azul building. I wanted all of us in the same building since there is only 40 of us but I guess that is not how we have been arranged. Did you have everyone is the same building? If not, was it a problem or inconvienent? I am also concerned that our room is the family building. Is it loud due to children? Thanks!
  14. I also received one from Tiffany, the wedding coordinator through Karisma, in December. My wedding isn't until July. I filled out the questionaire but still haven't received my spreadsheet for the price.
  15. I have tried to get information on a photographer but Tiffany tells me that they will take care of it when we get closer to my date. I am getting married in July, should I be nervous? What is everyone else doing about their photos?