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Brides and their wedding dress!

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#11 BePhoto

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    Posted 18 June 2008 - 04:26 PM

    YAY to all of you! :) lol......... Of course, the best shots (IMO) come in candids, and the more relaxed you are the better!! -

    As a tip for any future brides....... when shooting with just the bride and groom...... feel free to have fun with it, do modeling poses, just share a moment taking in the fact that you are married, etc. - the best shots come from the best couples who are the most comfortable with each other and just forget they are being photographed! --- but thats getting on a different thread now!

    -- Is there really no one out there who didnt want to do a TTD session because of the dress, or didnt want to get their dress dirty at all?

    -- I completley understand before the ceremony -- but after -- who cares!! -- I say encourage this attitude -- and congrats to all of you who already have this attitude......... your pictures will (or are) better because of it! :)

    #12 Dez921714

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      Posted 18 June 2008 - 04:35 PM

      Ok...I'm going to be the odd ball...I'm not going to say that I"ll be super up tight about my dress...I fully plan to take pics in the sand and stuff, but I have an AHR about two months after Mexico and I HAVE to wear the dress again. It's satin and I'm afraid the salt water will stain it. If it's just the bottom, that's fine and I do plan to have it cleaned before I wear it again.

      That being said, we are doing a TTD but I have been searching for a much cheaper dress to wear for that. In THAT dress, I'll do whatever the photog wants me to do :)

      I'm actually a bit disappointed that I can't do the TTD in my actual wedding dress
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      #13 Steffeny11

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        Posted 18 June 2008 - 05:06 PM

        I'm all for getting down and dirty in the dress for some amazing shots. I'm not down for a big drink stain,either, though. That's a little different than walking through water, mud, grass, etc. I fully expect my dress to look worn by the end. And I can't wait for the TTD! I'm really hoping my photographer will get creative with us. At that point I have no care what happens to it, as long as the pictures turn out amazing.

        #14 Kelly C

        Kelly C
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          Posted 18 June 2008 - 06:06 PM

          I dont have a problem with it. That is why I picked a high low dress. I want to do some crazy pics. That is why Im bringing a friend that is a photographer and is crazier than us. I can't wait!!!
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          #15 Jenn79

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            Posted 19 June 2008 - 02:27 PM

            I know I carried my train around the entire time, but it was more so I wouldn't trip my clumsy self up and land face first on the beach. I was also careful not to get it wet, but this was only so I wouldn't have to hitchike back to our cruiseship after the wedding...buses in Bermuda don't allow wet bathing suits or clothing, and the taxis are just as strict.

            I ended up with a black smudge where my husband walked on my dress, but rather than be upset about it, it actually makes me smile and remember the day and how it felt walking up that aisle after we were married.
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            #16 Denise40

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              Posted 19 June 2008 - 04:45 PM

              I really wish when I got married 25 years ago there was a TTD. I would have loved to trash that dress. I can't believe I bought it but that's another subject all together. I really would love to do a TTD. I should have done that while I was in Cabo for our renewal, but dh wouldn't have went for it. I just love seeing everyone's photos especially the ones that don't hold back.

              #17 azhuskergirl

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                Posted 19 June 2008 - 05:27 PM

                Originally Posted by Be Photography LLC
                YAY to all of you! :)

                -- Is there really no one out there who didnt want to do a TTD session because of the dress, or didnt want to get their dress dirty at all?
                we don't want to do the TTD,but it's not because I'm afraid of getting dirty (TTD isn't included in my package unless I want to do it right after theceremony & I plan on wearing the dress later in the evening for the reception). I'm hoping to get a little messy with my pics.

                #18 DreaW

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                  Posted 19 June 2008 - 06:00 PM

                  Are you serious? My wedding dress was the most important thing to me in the wedding!!!!

                  Hahahahahha just kidding.
                  My dress was intended only for one day (well two :)) and one day only :) I wanted so badly to roll in the sad but my wedding photographer really didn't want us to do much at first lol.....till I told him it was ok....hahaha come to think about it our TTD photographer was hesitant too....but I explained that I really really really wanted to ruin it. :)
                  The dress is safe in my closet now, collecting dust....

                  #19 BePhoto

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                    Posted 24 June 2008 - 03:18 PM

                    [QUOTE=DreaW;430457]Are you serious? My wedding dress was the most important thing to me in the wedding!!!!

                    Hahahahahha just kidding.

                    .................. You freaked me out there for a minute!............ because honestly, I've had clients who really seem to feel this way!! -- it's scary because as a photographer, you dont want to offend, --- but yet, you want good shots! :)

                    #20 nicole.gia

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                      Posted 24 June 2008 - 03:25 PM

                      Funny you wrote this because my girlfriend and I were talking the other day and I was explaining what a TTD shoot was and she SO wishes she did that. She did say however that she would never give up her veil....she still prances around the house with it about once a week! I guess I will trash my dress and keep the veil! :)

                      Originally Posted by tvt
                      I fully intend to trop around in the grass, sand, rocks, ocean with my dress!

                      I don't mind getting it dirty that way. However, if someone spilled a drink on my dress, I would smile on the outside, but be FUMING on the inside!

                      Also, I was thinking about this the other day, for some reason I'm really attached to my veil.... and was thinking about not using it for out TTD because I didn't want it to get ruined. FI was like "who cares! that was the cheap part, wear it!"

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