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  1. You know it was an awesome team that worked together when even though nobody still works for the company, you still have a holiday party with the same group #AerotekExes

  2. McDonald's ... while I applaud your lower priced "build your meal" marketing push..... the problem is that it's still McDonald's food you are serving.

  3. that does not sound bad..... especially for both video and photo. - of course, quality, style and approach is more important than price! -- but for 6,000 they are probably competively priced for travel photogs - so you should have your choice of pretty much any travel photog in the world! I'm sure the points they made about local photogs vs. travel photogs are valid -- but there I'm sure the local photogs would make their share of good points as well. Of course, I am biased - but i tend to lean towards travel photogs who regularly shoot at all kinds of differnet locations. -- There are some other threads on this site about the benefits and drawbacks from both sides of the argument. Best of luck in planning!
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    congrats & Welcome!
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    welcome aboard!
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    Any advice for photographing a ring?

    i cant see the images from the computer I'm at right now - but I'd suggest investing in a macro lens if you plan on doing any kind of small product work.
  7. There are a number of local shows going on during the fall -- and the biggest benefit to these shows is that all vendors are usually required to provide a prize of some sort -- so there are lots of winners! Many Sheraton hotels in the area have bridal shows - the best way to find the local shows is on sites the knot.com or by picking up bridal magazines. The largest show in the Baltimore area is the Maryland Wedding Professionals show at the state fairgrounds in timonium - but that's not until Jan. these shows are a good place to see a ton of vendors in one spot. - However, most local shows only have one or 2 bridal gown places that show up. -- the bigger shows usually have the variety -- the state fair grounds show last year about about 7-10 bridal botique vendors there -- so there was a good variety. -- I know other shows overwhelm their shows with one type of vendor. -- there is a show in Baltimore we specifically dont do because it's really just a "photography" show - where 75% of the wedding vendors there are photographers. -- that is useless to many brides who already have a photogapher! ........ When researching the shows - see the vendor list and make sure there are not a ton of one type of vendor. - sorry........ that was a big ramble about bridal shows........ obviously, I've been to alot and have alot of opinions. lol....... if you have any questions let me know!
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    Congrats!! -- Good luck in planning
  9. IMO - video in getting ready segments works only if there is alot of room where you are getting ready. - not something most people think about, but I am regularly in very small spaces when a bride is getting ready - throwing a videographer, in addition to the photographer, and all of the equipment into a room, can be a bit overwhelming to everyone (not just you, but bridesmaids, parents, etc.) - People typically act much different when they feel like they are putting on a show for the media! - I prefer much more natural moments and thus, try to "lay low" - the more people you add into a small room, the much less possible it is to act natural!
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    Maui Wedding Planner/Photographer

    Of course, I'm biased -- but if photography is as important as you say - I would approach it the other way....... Find a photographer who's style you love - then have them come to the location with you. -- Doing it the other way around limits your options.
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    welcome & Congrats -- I'd just research locations as much as you can - remember, the sky is the limit with destination weddings!
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    Las Caletas or Vegas Newbie!

    I always vote for vegas............. but it's a Love it or hate it type of town!
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    Welcome & Congrats
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    aww... congrats!! Getting married in vegas too? --- ---------- Opps.... now I see your not! ---- Congrats still! -- it's nice you have something to always remember your engagment by -- not to mention to tell stories to everyone that sees it!
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