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  1. I used Aekai Weddings. My coordinator was Jo and she was wonderful to work with. The photographer was Ian Sheppard and he was so patient and took so many perfect pictures. I purchased the flowers and hair and make-up through them as well. I was happy with all of their services and couldn't have asked for anything more. After the wedding we went to Kimo's restaurant in Lahaina and the food and service there was great. Hawaii Beach Weddings
  2. Was married on February 11, 2009.
  3. We also had Kimo Kirkman. He was awesome!!!
  4. Feb 11, 2009: Trish + Bill @ Makena Secret Cove + Kimo's Restaurant Oct 14, 2009: Deb + John @ Kalaeokai'a Estate + Five Palms Restaurant May 22, 2010: Huey + Isaac @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago
  5. We had 9 people at our wedding and the total for everything (with a dress) was $2200.00. It was the perfect wedding!
  6. I have purchased from DB in the past and although I didn't have the terrible service that you did, IMO DB is the "Wal-mart" of Bridal stores. Its what you end up with by trying to save money which is sad but true.
  7. I used APDW and had Ian as my photographer. He did an amazing job and took pictures for about an hour. I had more than 200 pictures. You get them all on CD and can develop any or all of them if you wish.
  8. I had a beach wedding and wore my hair down with just a little of the sides pulled back and pinned with orchids in it. It worked out great. The stylists in Maui are completely aware of the wind on the beach and style your hair accordingly. Long hair down on the beach looks the best in my opinion. I would not worry about it. Just make sure that you get a style that you are comfortable with.
  9. I had never been to Hawaii until I went to Maui for my wedding. We went three days before and drove to the site of the marriage to make sure we would know where it was and got our marriage license the day after we got there. That was plenty. I don't feel that we would have benefited by going there on a separate trip beforehand. Its not necessary unless you have the extra money to spend and want to take a vacation!
  10. Guilt is a self-inflicted emotion. Stop doing it to yourself and enjoy your wedding day. It will be the best time of you life!
  11. You would not be selfish to go without your son. My husband and I have 4 kids 23, 20, 17, and 14. None of them would be able to pay for their own trip. That means that we would need to pay for 6 for food, accomodations, airlines, entertainment.... We would never had been able to have our dream wedding if we took our children. Plan a small getaway for the three of you before you leave and explain that you are doing that with him instead of taking him to the wedding. The wedding/honeymoon should be your special time with your husband. Kids actually accept things better than what we give them credit for. I was 16 when my mom remarried and I wasn't invited and didn't scar me for life
  12. I was married on Maui two months ago and it is actually more beautiful than the pictures. We stayed at Lahaina Shores Beach Resort and it was a wonderful condo to stay it our guests stayed at Aina Nalu condos and some of them shared a place so they actually ended up spending about $750.00 p/p for airfare and hotel. I don't think that 1200.00 is too much for them to spend as they will get to go on a great vacation as well as to your wedding. I can't comment on December weather as I was there in February and the weather was perfect for 10 days. We were actually married on South maui at Secret Cove in Makena. I would recommend that location because they rarely get rain and it was absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
  13. I was married two weeks ago in Maui and used APDW which is essentially the same company as Aekai Weddings. I used their WC Jo Thurmann, bought my flowers through them, Photography was done through them by Ian Shepard, they lined up my minister, Kimo Kirkman, and my Hair/Make-up by Regina Campisi. All was under $1800.00 total. Everything was completely perfect from start to finish! My dress was very thin and was perfect for the beach. I wouldn't recommend a long train or any kind of netting in the dress. The lighter the better.
  14. I was a BM in a wedding in 2007 and wore a brown dress. It was pretty, it looked especially nice with the GM brown tuxes. If I can locate a pic I will send it to you.
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