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  1. (sorry guys it is written third person tense b/c i took it from our wedding website!) Our Story Cyndal and Kyle started dating in, 2002, Cyndal's sophomore year, and Kyle's senior year. A few significant people were involved in setting us up and they apparently were excellent "match-makers." For 2008's New Years Kyle decided to take Cyndal on an unexpected New Year's trip to Las Vegas. They arrived in Las Vegas at 10:30 pm New Year's Eve. They we able to make it from the airport to the strip in time to see the fireworks take off over the packed Las Vegas Boulevard. Kyle kept the ring in his pocket was nervously clutching it as they wondered through the thousands of people. The proposal: On New Year's day Kyle convinced Cyndal that they should get a caricature drawing done. Which of course she thought was a great idea. So they walked to Mandalay Bay to have one drawn. Once there Cyndal decided to look at these odd looking bobble heads near the caricature booth. This gave Kyle the opportunity to tell the artist that he was planning on proposing and if she could tie that into the drawing. But for some reason Cyndal had decided that the drawings weren't big enough and didn't want to do the drawing. So they walked away from the very confused artist, who's name was, Marina, they later found out. After a little while Kyle told Cyndal that they may as well just do the drawing at Mandalay Bay and if they saw another artist they like later they would just do another one. Cyndal soon agreed. They walked back to the caricature booth and Cyndal told Marina that they had changed their minds. They sat down to have their drawing done as a small crowd gathered around the artist. The people in the crowd were whispering and smiling big at the couple. While Kyle was nervously fidgeting, Cyndal was thinking that the drawing must really look like them by the crowds reaction. Soon Marina was done with the drawing and asked if they were ready to see it. Cyndal quickly responded with an "of course." Once turned around Cyndal and Kyle could see that Marina drew a picture of Kyle down on one knee in front of an 'ah' struck Cyndal with a bubble from his head. In the bubble "Will you marry me?" was written. Because Cyndal is not always the fastest at putting two and two together. She simply thought that Marina thought they made a cute couple and thought they should get married. To which she started to stammer out, "Oh, Kyle! She thinks we should get married!" Only to turn around to find Kyle on his knee with 'the ring' in hand! Cyndal some how managed to say YES!!! While the crowd clapped! The attachment below is our caricature drawing :-) marry me[1].pdf
  2. 6 1/2 years! wow i think a lot of our men like to wait to "pop" the question! but that ok, i don't think i would have wanted it any other way!
  3. lovely*bride

    Post your centerpieces here

    i am really hoping to include starfish in my design, i love the ones on here but does anyone else have any other suggestions??
  4. lovely*bride

    Post your centerpieces here

    what creative ideas ladies!
  5. lovely*bride

    $1.00 Target find

    awesome find! i will have to check it out!
  6. wow these are so neat!
  7. lovely*bride

    January 2009 Brides Post Here

    Hi, I am getting married Jan. 3rd, 2009. I sent out my invites I think a little early, end of April, mostly because our TA offered an additional discount for those who booked by May. Looking back I think I should have waited. But know that prices have climbed so much I know that many of our guest won't be able to attend, and those that are still attending booked before the high price increase (thank God!). I have ordered my dress but it isn't here yet (I ordered in jan!) My bridemaids are all getting different dresses, but I am buying them so I have to order those soon. I wish it was Dec, that way I could have a good excuse too only be concetrating on the wedding, haha! Good luck to all!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sarah Well, you can always be like me: crafty AND a nurse! Although I'd rather be crafting than at the hospital... lol well it is nice to meet a fellow nurse! i agree, i would much rather be crafting than at the hospital!! especially on the busy days...oh well, but my grandmother has always told me, "Cyndal, don't you know nurses make the world go round!" this is coming from an OB nurse of 40+ years, i always laugh, haha! by the way, can i just place an order for the one free monogram on your website (though i am sure i will be getting more than one!!)?? thanks lady!!
  9. Sarah!! OMG these are amazing! I love all of your designs, the vegas ones are my favorite! So original! I just love making creative little things like these, while looking at your work it really made me think why did I go into nursing! (not that I don't love nursing, but I love crafting a little more!) You are amazing!
  10. lovely*bride

    Travel Bags PHOTOS

    This is such a great idea! thanks for sharing!
  11. lovely*bride


    Quote: Originally Posted by luckygirl Congratulations! I've never been to the Yucatan area, but 2 people have told me they had a great time at Dreams in Tulum...I think that's in the same area. One was a single girl who thought it was fun and filled with activities..just didn't like the rocky beach and had to wear watershoes. The other person is married with 2 young children, and they all loved it. In fact they couldn't get their kids to hang out with them during the day! Congrats and welcome to the forum! I have heard many similiar things about the Yucatan area. I have never been there but looking at it online just looks wonderful! Happy planning!
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    ROR October Bride

    Welcome and Congrats! I am so impressed with this forum. Everyone has been so helpful! Good Luck and Happy Planning!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyCheese cool links, thanks for sharing...this one is pretty nice but they are priced at $30 each! yikes! $30 a piece! i would definitely say it is a DIY type of boutonniere. i would think it would be fairly simple if you could find the right materials.
  14. I love all of your ideas! They are too cleaver! How much were the oot bags?
  15. lovely*bride

    Niki's ROR Review w/some pro pics

    what beautiful photos. I was looking at them and I thought they looked familiar. Then I realized that I had considered using the same photographer and I had seen them on his webpage or blog, lol. Just stunning!