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Something you wish you would have packed?

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I'd bring a little bit of laundry detergent. Refreshes your clothes if you want to wear them more than twice.


I found that at the Majestic Colonial, there were no faceclothes. If you asked for some, they took them away again the next day for the laundry and you had to ask again.

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not married yet, but ladies don't forget to bring a button-down shirt or zip hoodie to wear while getting hair/makeup done! it would suck to wreck your gorgeousness trying to pull your shirt over your head!


i am also going to remember to pack splenda ... not sure if they have that everywhere, and i don't care for other artificial sweeteners. in fact, i may be putting it in our OOT bags since we have so many diabetics!

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I'm so happy I found this thread! It's so great!!!


I'm leaving tomorrow morning and now FI is on his way to his office to get his ipod docking station. We knew we wouldn't use it for our ceremony but what a great idea to have it while we're hanging out and getting ready!!!

Love the suggestion for the sewing kit too...I'll have to try and find ours.


Thanks so much ladies!! - I might unpack a pair of shoes too!!

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This was the most helpful thread for packing!!!! I had made a packing list but this thread just helped with those last minute details.


I was soooo happy that I brought like 5 pairs of flip flops..I would also recommend bringing a pair or two that aren't thong because many of us on the trip got blisters between our toes from the humidity.


Scissors were a huge help!


Totally used the ipod docking station every day!


Nail polish remover was a must!


Bring at least two bottles of sunscreen! One is never enough. I remembered this from my last trip down south and we still needed to buy an expensive bottle from the gift shop on the resort!


pens and/or sharpies are a great idea too. You spend all this time planning and organizing before you leave...you want to stay organized while you're there!


If I think of anything else I'll add...again, this was such a great thread to read the night before I left!

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