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  1. Aut is there anyway you can send me your personal email address? I am getting married in a month there and doing everything the same as you and I have soooooooo many questions and I am so nervous. I tried sending you a personal message on here but it wont let me. My email address is bethany680u1@yahoo.com It would help me so much! Thanks Beth
  2. Soooo happy for you guys...please give us updates and lots of pics! If anyone can take a look at the ballroom for me I would so appreciate it! I think I am going with Las Palms but just in case! HAVE FUN!!!!
  3. AprilMay...I was going to do the legal ceremony at Dreams until I heard all the stories about legally getting married in MX! I heard that some people papers were lost and never filed...it was just a big mess! They had a thread about it on here! So what we are doing is just going to go to the court house when we get back to make it simple and know for sure we are legally married! Just a thought for you! Also if you end up going let us know I really want to see more pics of the place! I have yet to see any pictures of the ballrooms!
  4. Hey Christen, I am getting married April 17th...not sure if you will still be there! I am so excited! However I havent had many people book...everyone is scared about swine flu and thinks it is expensive! Dreams is so reasonable...I dont get it! But its ok...the only person I need there is my hubby to be I am also doing the gazebo! It is so pretty! Still on the fence about the reception!
  5. Hey Gals.... I am getting married at Dream April 17,2010!!! I have a few questions/worries! I havent been there so need help if possible! a) I booked the Gazbo...is the Oceana Beach Front nicer or better? Rebecca hasnt anwsered the past 2emails I sent usually she is good with this wonder what is going on?? c) Also I booked to have my reception in the ballroom scared to being dripping hot from being outside....do yall think I should change it? Has anyone seen the ballroom? I am kinda thinking the pool area may be a better choice! HELP! d) Does anyone have any good reccomendations on the food choices for the plated ceremony menu? HELP Beth
  6. Stick with what you LOVE....you can make it through a little SWEAT!
  7. Definitely Highly Recommend Make-Up Forever HD Foundation! It is a dream with photography! It is the Shizzle
  8. Yall are all so awesome thanks for all the ideas! JoAnn I just downloaded the attachment and I think I will just print some out like you did! Thanks so much guys yall rock! xoxo Beth
  9. Thanks so much girl! You know Denton Bridal is the last place I have to go and I plan on going next week so maybe I will just get lucky! Mockingbird was a complete damn nightmare! Rude people! LOL! I am definitely going to give you seamstress a contact! She did such a wonderful job! Thanks for your help! Beth
  10. Hey girly, What Bridal Boutiques did you go to in Dallas thats where I am and cant find a dress I love to save my life! Also what place did u get the bride tank top LOVE IT! Everything came out so AWESOME! Who did you use for your seamstress the dresses came out AWESOME too! I am having trouble finding the perfect AQUA my self You did a rockin job Beth
  11. Thanks so much for the info how are his prices? I am certainly going to have to check him out! Beth
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