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The economy is going to ruin my wedding!

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#1 kellywinter1

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    Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:18 PM

    Times are tough for every one right now! And it doesn't seem as though there will be any relief any time soon. So besides that fact my fiance and I are attempting cutting cost in all and any ways for our wedding, we knew a lot of our guest would not be able to attend our wedding for financial reasons. But as time goes on I question if any one will be able to afford to come.

    Several of our close family and friends have experienced pay cuts or have been laid off. Due to their financial situation I kind of fell guilty for even suggesting they attend our wedding. While our wedding is a year away and it gives every one an ample amount of time to save, a lot of our friends and family don't even have the luxury of saving anything. I totally understand if no one can come and wouldn't hold any hard feelings but if no one come I would cut a lot of things out of our wedding.

    Im in the begining stages of my planning so I have invested much into the wedding yet but I don't want to fork out all this money for things that wouldn't be relevant if my fiance and I were the only ones there. For example I wouldn't have a reception or a DJ.

    Im sure I am not the only one to be facing this issue so if you ladies have any suggestions or would just like to rant with me please write away!

    #2 ErinB


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      Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:25 PM

      Most of us have gone through similar concerns. No matter where, when, or how much, the people who want to be there will be there.

      This is such an important time for you and your FI, you need to do what is best for you. If this means you elope and have a ceremony with just you two, then go for it. You can always have a reception at home, of any level of formality, to celebrate when you return.

      #3 DanielleNDerek

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        Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:33 PM

        It is awful and i have no suggestios to make it any better. But you have to do what is best for you. if you want to have a DW than have one. As long as you and your fi are there, it will be beautiful.
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        #4 nikkianddean

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          Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:35 PM

          I agree... times are definitely hard for everyone. While you want to be inclusive you have to do what makes sense for you and your FH. A destination wedding is important to you and all you really need are the two of you. if an AHR is more feasible for your guests, then that may be something to consider...you can still have your detsination ceremony that will always be special to the two of you and celebrate with family and loved ones closer to home...

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          #5 JaimeLynne

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            Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:35 PM

            I'm starting to get pretty worried about flight costs. I'm hoping that as soon as we get a hotel booked ppl will start putting down deposits and book the flights asap because I'm really worried that the flights are what will drive the price up, up, UP!

            I think in the end you will still have those closest to you attend.

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            #6 nolaroy724

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              Posted 03 June 2008 - 04:26 PM

              I think a lot of us are going through this.

              I found it was helpful to book through a travel agent that will include flight and hotel in one amount. Some places will let you set up payment plans. My FI and I made monthly payments towards our trip as well as many of our guests.

              Also, I don't know about Dreams Cancun, but at EDR we do not have to finalize anything until 30 days before the wedding. If this is the case, you can at least put your names on the books and downsize as needed depending on your guestlist.

              People will find a way to go. We found out a friend of ours took out a loan to go. I almost started crying when I heard that.

              Good luck.

              #7 jajajaja

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                Posted 03 June 2008 - 04:36 PM

                Lots of brides have gone through this- and it wasn't even the economy's fault. Yes it totally sucks how everything is on the rise and I totally feel for you upcoming brides. But I think it's also giving your guests more of an excuse to play with. If you search this forum, you will find that even in 2006 the brides were struggling with guests not coming for various reasons- number 1 excuse was the cost associated with a DW.

                Granted those that have lost jobs due to the recession can't exactly be blamed for not committing. I think the best attitude to have when planning a DW is being thankful for those that can make it, and not even think about those that can't. If you dwell on the have nots, you will spend most of your time being unhappy.

                As others have said, those that want to go will still make it happen. Even with things getting shitty, we are still planning trips for the next year because we still want to vacation. We will just have to cut a few corners in our budget to make it work.
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                #8 rodent


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                  Posted 03 June 2008 - 05:09 PM

                  we went in to it feeling like as long as our parents can afford to go we are doing a DW. We knew both sets of parents could swing it. my family goes to mexico every year as it is.

                  Some people didn't care about the cost. They were so excited about the trip & had no problem affording it. Others had to back out as it got more expensive. We made it really easy for people to say they are not going.

                  I planned in a way that allowed me to not worry about the numbers. We didn't do a roomblock. We just gave out our TAs info & people booked hotel/ flight packages. As prices got too high, people who hadn't booked are not going. We picked a less expensive AI knowing that flight prices would only get worse. We are bringing back pictures & a video & will share that with them.

                  We decided right away we wanted a DW regardless of how many people could attend. We will have 23 guests. I couldn't be happier.

                  I've actually talked a couple people out of going because I knew it just wasn't the right time for them financially. I think as long as you give people an easy out so they can make the right choice for themselves financially you are safe.

                  we are also not having a bridal party so that no one feels obligated to be there.

                  Another thing that helps is to make it easy for people to pick their length of stay. Our guests are doing 3 nights, except for 2 couples that are staying 4 nights. Total was about $800 per person. But, last summer it would have been closer to $600.

                  My wedding is 3 weeks away & I can honestly say it's been pretty much stress free. I had so many doubts & fears about a DW. I am so glad I went ahead with it.

                  #9 CJEB

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                    Posted 03 June 2008 - 05:13 PM

                    Kelly - keep your chin up, it's natual to have a big wobbly every now and again, it's called being a bride. Good luck hun,

                    #10 beachbride08

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                      Posted 03 June 2008 - 06:13 PM

                      We were anticipating about 50 people to come to our wedding, but we have had some people on our guest list get pregnant and lose jobs so our guests are dwindling. We have 17 people booked already and we really wanted a DW regardless of the size, and the funny thing is since our trip cost went up we are actually happy that we will have less people since we will be saving money. Once we have a final guest count we will determine if we are going to cut out anything else. If no onw has booked yet and having a lot of your friends and family there you could always change your plans, but if having a DW is still important to you then I think you should still go ahead with your plans. Everything will all work out in the end.

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