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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by beth Did you and your guests have a hard time hearing the music? Our reception is at the white gazebo on the beach. I'm worried that the water will drown out the music. Thanks so much for your feedback on this! EDR has a great speaker set up. When we were there, there was a reception at the white gazebo and we could hear the music all the way by the candelight dinner area, which is pretty far away.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by pryzeless Just got back from my wedding at EDR and it was AMAZING. I should have my review up in a few days but if anyone is considering this resort DO IT!!! I could not be more happy! If anyone has any questions, let me know. We used the IPOD at Tuscanes and was very happy we did. You could definitely hear the music. We had our free welcome dinner at Fuentes. We had 3 long tables. The food is much better here that Cocotal but the ambiance is probaly more private at Cocotal. BTW greta photos Elizabeth! Welcome back. Can't wait to read your review and see some pics!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BandE2008 Despite everyone saying Fuentes is better for food, we are going with El Cocotal. I hope its okay. Now I cant decide between creme brulee or french style apple pie for dessert! Help! We had chocolate mousse cake for our dessert at El Cocotal (yummy). However, I did have their creme brulee on another night, and it was jasmine creme brulee. It was different tasting (good but different) and the sugar was not very hard on top. I love love love crem brulee, and if you are purist, you will not really like it if this is the flavor they serve. I found that the ice cream at EDR was insanely good. It's definately homemade. Does the french style apple pie come with ice cream? If so, pick that!!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by BandE2008 Hey Oh yea, for the break in between the ceremony and dinner, I thought of doing a cocktail hour, but changed my mind. Too pricey and honestly, it is an ALL INCLUSIVE resort. People can go have drinks somewhere together or alone for free ... do whatever they want! Its a resort - they will find things to do! Im not worried and when I have asked my guests, they arent worried either! They were like DO NOT spend money on a cocktail hour when its free to drink! I CANT BELIEVE HOW FAST MY DAY IS COMMING! Since you are having your dinner at El Cocotal, I would suggest just having your guests go to the martini bar (above el cocotal) between the ceremony and dinner. This is what we did, and it worked out great. Also, some people went and changed shoes, freshened up, etc. during this time. We gave everyone a little itinerary for the wedding day in their OOT bags, and we included "Cocktails at Martini Bar" on it. It was a great budget saver!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Dreamgirl08 BandE2008 sounds great...thanks so much for your feedback By the way I wanted to ask you, have you actually been into El Cocotal? How about Las Fuentes? What's your take on both? I had my wedding dinner at El Cocotal. We also ate there one of the nights and at Fuentes. The food is yummy at both places. It is really a matter of taste. El Cocotal is more elegant and Fuentes is more laid back. I thought Fuentes was really loud, there are big screen TVs everywhere that Spanish play music videos. They also have live shows there, so there were dancers performing around the tables when we ate there. Again, just a matter of what sort of scene you want to set for your guests. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.
  6. In the end, our wedding costed us about $12,000. That did not include the cost of my dress since my mom bought that. This included OOT, invites, etc. We had 23 people at the wedding. We originally set a budget of $10,000 and obviously went over, but in the grand scheme of things our DW was a steal!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by FLgator I don't know how I missed this thread, but your pics are great!! I love your dress, but I may be biased b/c I have the same one. It looked great on you! We haven't decided yet on the TTD, but I was wondering how your dress held up and cleaned up afterwards?? Thanks! Thanks! Actually my dress looks like new. I just had it cleaned when we got home, and it looks amazing still. The dry cleaners gave me a hard time (jokingly) about all of the sand they had to remove from it though .
  8. Great review Alyssa. I love the teaser pic. The pictures really looked like you were in paradise!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by blinkgrl119 I'm a scottish bride planning a destination wedding! its soo weird to think someone is planning a destination wedding...to scotland, while we are trying to have anything but a wedding in scotland!lol Locations here can be really stunning, like Lodge on Loch Lomond...absolutely stunning Loch Lomond Hotels - Discover a Truly Unique Destination | Book Now at The Lodge on Loch Lomond There is also Mar Hall which is not too far from Glasgow Airport - I know celebrities have been known to stay here when in Scotland Welcome to Mar Hall Hotel, 5 Star Luxury in Bishopton, Glasgow There is also Loch Lomond Waterfront - beautiful as you'd expect from Loch Lomond http://www.loch-lomond-waterfront.co.uk/ There are many other locations in Scotland...but as people have said...your friends will need to be careful with their dates to have any chance of avoiding terrible weather...this summer has been a complete wash out...the one year we don't have a summer holiday booked as well!lol If you need any other help just message me....private message would probably be best...you know what this forum is like, its soo busy you loose track of threads very easily! xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will PM you with some questions.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 I live about 90 mins from Scotland! There are loads of castles or big stately homes but they book mega fast and i mean fast lol one of my friend's daughters tried to book one for next year and she's been told the earliest is 2010!! Also it will be bloody freezing and probably raining and snowing lol If you need any ideas give me a shout like i said im not far from any of the big places That is not surprising! I'll let you know if she finds anything she likes and get your opinion. Thanks!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 Hi of the top of my head very close to us like i mean 2 miles is leeds castle,it is very expensive but very nice i live in the south east of england only 30 mins from dover.so nowhere near scotland.She wont have a problem in finding a castle or stately home.,along with lots of rain we have lots of castles.Give me some time and i can get some info together and maybe send it to you or her.Iwork 8 till 5 monday to fri but i will deffo look for you both. Thanks for the suggestions. Anything else is sooooo appreciated!
  12. Just when I thought all of the fun of planning a destination wedding was in the past, my friend Amy, who is one of my bridesmaids, said she was getting engaged and they want to have a wedding in England or maybe Scotland. Also, I'm a bridesmaid!!!! They would love to do something in a castle, palace, or stately home sometime next September but are just beginning the research process. I know there are a quite a few BDW girls on the forum in the UK. Do any of you have any suggestions of where she should start to look? I know there must be tons of places to choose from, but maybe you have been to a wedding somewhere you really liked or have a perfect place in mind. Also, if there are any TAs on the forum who can provide some suggestions, that would be fantastic. Thanks!
  13. I love that dress. I looked at it a few times during my search. I like it even more now I see it on someone. You look fantastic in it!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie raych, those are so much fun i love the TTD one where you guys are making the funny face, like you must have got splashed in the mouth with salt water or something Thanks Abbie! A wave came over us and pushed my dress almost over my head. There were some kayakers right behind us that got a good panty shot!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by animaldoc Your pictures look amazing! I have a question about the Presidential Gazebo, would you suggest not getting the wooden runner? I am getting married there in November and from your pics it looks like the walk to the gazebo isn't a straight shot, so would the runner look odd? Thank you, Jennifer Thanks! I don't know if it would necessarily look odd, but if you are getting it so you can wear heals, you definately would have to walk through a lot of sand before getting to the runner. Melanie, another EDR bride, got the wooden runner and had to walk through the sand before getting to the runner. She said she had so much sand in her heels during the ceremony. The Presidential Gazebo does sort of wind a bit through the maze of greenery.
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