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Newbie Waiting for Proposal :)

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Hello Everyone!


I'm Jennifer and my boyfriend is Mike. My situation is somewhat different than what may bring other women to this site, but my bf is going through his divorce at the moment which is holding up the proposal and destination wedding. But that isn't stopping me from looking into resorts to get hitched at. Mike wants to marry me, but his ex isn't making the divorce easy. So for now, I sit and wait.....and plan....on the computer. smile72.gif


I was initially looking at Cuba, but I've recently moved my interests to Bahamas...only because Mike and I have been to Bahamas before and I really liked it. It's not as impoverished as Cuba. I'm only getting married ONCE and I'm going to do it in style smile29.gif


I look forward to exchanging thoughts, ideas and info on this site!


Happy planning!


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Welcome Jennifer!!

I'm waiting on the ring as well, but there's no ex in my situation.. just a bf who's starting to test my patience!! LOL

You'll find so much information here you'll be able to narrow it down pretty quickly!!

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