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  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Dez921714 Hi Ladies!! Thanks for the concern I've been good just super super busy. I actually signed into my email today for the first time in a WHILE and had a few messages from people on here, so I decided to come on and say hi and fill everyone in on what's been going on with me. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31237 As far as our site visit, it was great! We went down Sept 25-29th and stayed at the MP. It rained the WHOLE time, but we still had a great time. It was off season, so the resort was no where close to capacity! Before we went we had the Bumgabalia Gazabo reserved for our ceremoney and the terrace for our coctail hour (2 hour) and Star Ballroom for our reception. I actually just emailed them today to ask if they can switch it to the other Gazebo (not the Chapel) as that's the one with the LONG walk way and we are changing our coctail hour from 2 hours to 1. The Gazebo's and terrace are on teh Nizuc side and the Star ballroom is on the Sunrise...so we figured we'll give guests some time to make their way accross. The resort is HUGE! Even the guy we met on our way home at the duty free shop (hehe) was like "that's not a resort, it's a city!" And OMG it is! We got a little lost getting to our room the first day and a half, then you figure it out. We were staying on the Sunrise side. All the balconies on the sunrise side have hammocs, that was pretty cool We did the timeshare presentation. It was really hard to turn it down, really really hard...the more you turn it down, the better the deal gets. (we would have taken the last one if we had the money!). But for doing it, we got a tee shirt, beach bag, $50 towards an excursion and $100 towards the spa Turns out, our room also came with a $200 credit to the spa.. Make sure you look into this! When settling your bill, you will have been charged for teh Spa, but just tell them you have the creit and they'll take it off. OMG the spa was awesome!!!!!!! best part of the whole trip! We did paradise snorkling, first time either of us have snorkled adn it was GREAT! We used the credit towards adding on ATV's and Speedboats! So much fun!!!! There really are golf carts everywhere adn if you ask them how to get back to yoru room, they'll take you closer lol and the shuttle that goes from one lobby to the other comes every 10 minutes, it was awesome! After our massages we had lunch at the Italian place on the golf course. We'd heard from a lot of other guests that it was one of the best restuants. And it definately was!!! If you have any questions about anything specific, feel free to ask and I'll answer...it's just hard to cover EVERYTHING! Oh, the wedding office was great! I belive we met with Kalina and she was so sweet. She sat with us and went over EVEYTHING! I picked out our flowers, centerpieces, table linens, etc etc For those of you not going down before your wedding. I can see how you can do everything we did three days before, so don't worry! Everything will be great!!!!! Thanks so much for posting this review!
  3. I am so sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
  4. Aww..Thanks! Your cake topper turned out "So" cute!!! I love it!
  5. Hi Cristina! Welcome to the forum! I am orginally from the OBX...so if you need any help let me know! Best Wishes!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by reevesbride Contact a travel agent so you don't make yourself crazy trying to figure out about travel detail. Trust me I tried at first without one and boy was that one hell of a migraine. Def. Contact one they will be able to take care of travel so you dont have too. Hahaha....this is so true!!
  7. Welcome to the forum! Where in Key West are you getting married?
  8. Lynn was supper fast!! I got my cake topper within 2 weeks of ordering it! Best Wishes!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 Lol FMIL Depending on my mood she has several different names none of which are pleasant lol You are too funny!!! Thanks for the good chuckle!!!
  10. Hey Ladies!! My Future Husband called me today and told me that he wants to elope. "" REALLY ? From the brief conversation that we had, it sounds like he ironed out all of the details. He was throwing out really GREAT ideas!! I don't know how to feel!! I am acutally kind of excited! I will keep you ladies posted!
  11. I am telling you....It is "so" worth it!! Lynn's prices are GREAT!!!
  12. Ladies...Ladies... Just want to share this tidbit.... I had a custom cake topper made for me and my crazy "New York Yankee" fan "Future Husband". After searching for the "right" person to make my cake topper....I found this "crafty" genius on Etsy to make my cake topper! Her name is Lynn and she owns "Lynn's Little Creations." She did an AMAZING Job and charged a very reasonable rate! I HIGHLY recommend her! She is FANTASTIC to work with and does great work!!I so excited to "surprise" Chris at our wedding with this! Here is a link to my finished cake topper! Etsy :: lynnslittlecreations :: Reserved for jenleopard
  13. I totally agree with you ladies!!! Stick with Paypal! You are protected that way!
  14. Hi Ladies... Forgive me if this website has already been posted!! But...I found a bunch of helpful wedding templates. Time to get organized...Check it out! russell+hazel® Ideas Best Wishes! Jenn
  15. Hi Ladies... So I got caught up in the moment of having a destination wedding and went a little crazy with buying stuff! Here is a link to all of the items I am selling: Flickr: mygoldshoes' Photostream ---I have 10 White Parasols that I am selling for $5 each (plus shipping) **SOLD** ---I also have a NWT White House, Black Market Gown that is gorgeous!! It is called the "StarGazer" and retails for $248. The dress is a size 14 and has not been altered in anyway! I am open to any reasonable offer! **SOLD** Here is the White House Black Market Link (White House | Black Market - Stargazer Bridal Gown) ---I have another dress that has a sweetheart neckline that I was going to use for my TTD. But...I changed my mind. I am willing to sell this dress for $75. I bought the dress from a Knottie Bride. The dress is a size 12. (I am street size 10/12 and it fits me...) Send me a PM if you are interested! Thanks for looking!!
  16. cheaptotes.com actually has a "decent" bag on sale for .99 cents!
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