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  1. To answer a few questions: 1) We brought our photographers with us. The policy was as long as they were guests for 2-3 days at the resort we didnt have to pay an outside vendor fee. I wasnt aware that policy had changed. even so worth paying the fee because I loved my photographers! 2) My lanterns were from target in the $2.00 section. Im not sure what size they were but about the size of a basketball. I had some smaller ones as well. thanks for the all the nice complements on my photos! Its so nice to hear:)
  2. Hello Everyone- Although I have not received all of my photos, my amazing photographers Nels and Anna Akerlund sent over a slide show to our first song. Its awesome and I love every picture. My photographers are a husband, wife team who were such a pleasure to have along with us on our weddingmoon. I would highly recommend them to anyone. It was the best decision we made and are so happy with our choice. You can also see some pics of our ceremony set up on the beach at the sensatori and our reception at the new plaza. We were the first to have our reception there:) Some of our TTD photos are included as well. i just want to warn you there is a semi nudi pic but all of our parts are covered. There is a nude resort down the beach and all the girls had a day of pictures and one we were pretending to be on the nude resort. Hope no one is offended. I think they are cute and funny. Enjoy. http://nelsakerlundweddings.com/cont...ord/index.html hope this link works, Im horrible with computers:)
  3. it's been so amazingly stressful for all of us... yael and jenni, i'm so sad you had to make that very difficult decision but whatever you do for your plan b just remember the reason why you are getting married, the love you and your fiance have for each other can never be taken from you, not even by the darn swine flu. the resort told us the same thing... no refunds, just re-booking. so we decided to re-schedule our wedding to December 4th..... thankfully our photographer and DJ had those dates available What a great idea. This way you can just relax a few more months and let all this pass. 6 months are going to fly by and to be honest when my wedding date was approaching I wish I had a few more months to get things finalized. Good luck with everything.
  4. First of all I wanted to say how sorry I am for all of you brides who have a wedding coming up. this swine flu is probably stressing you out beyond what I could possibly imagine. Although I am no expert, my sister is a pharmacist and specializes in vaccinations. I spoke with her this morning because with just returning from Mexico I am a bit worried myself. Here were a few of my questions with answers. Again please dont let these be your only bases for decision. There are several theories and opinions based on who you talk to. I just want to share with you what I learned myself. 1) Is there a possibility I am infected if I feel fine? I returned less than a week ago and so far I feel fine. I am a bit achy with muscle soreness but I am training for a marathon and am always a bit sore. In the media they are saying the swine flu has an incubation of 48 hours. The fact is that most flu viruses may have an incubation period of 10days to 2 weeks so you should be cautious for 2 weeks and aware of signs and symptoms. Also avoid touching/shaking hands/kissing/hugging if at all possible. Wash hands after any contact with another person. 2) How are people dying from the swine flu? Most people dying are elderly and imunocompromised patients in Mexico. Please realize healthcare is not the same there as it is in the USA. Many people do not have immunizations/vaccinations. 3) If I have the flu shot will I be safe in Mexico? Its hard to determine there are so many different types of flu viruses. Some believe that the flu virus is no longer 100% effective after 3-4 months so if you had the flu shot in early winter then it is not as effective right now if at all. ( our flu season is not typically in april and may). It is believed by some that the flu shot may be effective against the human strain of the flu swine so it may help prevent it in those who have been innoculated but again no one is certain. I have also heard that many airlines are refunding or switching airfair to other destinations at no cost. So maybe considering another location may be a possibility if you have enough time and energy to do so. Again I am so sorry for you girls- hang in there. And be careful if you do chose to travel to Mexico. Im sure that whatever you choose will work out fine and just as beautiful as you imagined:)
  5. Hi Lilmisssunshine, Glad it all turned out great in the end. We leave in 3 weeks, and i still havent decided on Chicken or beef? what do you have? Thanks, I went with the chicken option and all my guests loved it! We had 3 vegetarians and I chose a pasta option which was also amazing (I think with sundried tomatoes and eggplant) for them. Everyone raved it was the best meal they had all week:) hope this helps
  6. Hello Ladies- So I just wanted to post a brief review but will have more details later. My wedding was April 16th. I will say there was good and bad. Honestly if you are one who stresses easily you may want to consider another resort. I am about to be a business owner so I think maybe my expectations are a bit high but this place is very much lacking in many areas. When we arrived the front desk was a mess. It was like it was their first day of being open. It took us over an hour to be checked in and we were the only ones to arrive. I think that most of the time was spent fighting off the salesman who was trying to sell us a time share. It was beyond annoying, although I will say that the champaigne made it a bit easier. There was some sort of mix up with our room and they didnt know when our honeymoon suite would be available. I told them we would be out by the pool so when they had it figured out just let us know but they still made us wait while they kept leaving to check on something. Very frustrating. they also told us we owed them $500.00, when we had paid for everything the month prior. they did this to several of our guests as well so be careful of this. Our room was beautiful. Beds very comfortable. The resort was amazing. We travel to Mexico once or twice a year so I will say that is some respects this resort does blow away the typical resorts. Food was great, drinks were flowing. Just avoid the front desk area. So on our second day we had to meet with the wedding coordinator. We had the plaza reserved 4-5 months ago. We were told that the plaza was no longer available but they would give us a free upgrade to zocollo. Well that to me was not an upgrade. I wanted my reception outside and zocollo although on a terrace/patio was not what I had reserved. I was pretty taken aback especially since this was never mentioned before. They also told us that for our romantic dinner lobster was no longer available. Again a disappointment. I dont feel as though they were very compensating at all considering this last minute change and in fact I almost felt as though they were a bit rude about it. We left the meeting very upset and to be honest I was in tears. The next day they called and told us our ceremony location was no longer available. We had the area on the beach closer to the pier, which is a bit more private. Apparantly the resort had planned a beach night for guests and were going to be selling all the cheesy sombreros and things out on the beach so they said they had to move me down the beach to the other side. Well I think this was really the straw that broke the camels back with me. It really made me upset that I would choose a resort who thought so little of my wedding that they could just move us with no thought to it. I did start to get upset with the coordinator and had to hand the phone over to my fiance because I couldnt even talk anymore. They then offered to upgrade us to the skydeck for free but I wanted to be married on the beach. It was very stressful to have things changed at the last minute when you have had them planned for months. they seem like small details but trust me when its days before your wedding it seems like a big deal. We decided on wedding on the beach (at the side closest to the premium section) with our reception at zocollo. It was very windy every night so we thought that was the best choice for us. The day before the wedding they called us and told us the new plaza was ready. I was a bit upset about another change but was happy that it was outside. Our honeymoon suite was reserved for the premium section but they told us that that was not available so moved us to the family section. I was also not very happy about that either but it ended up being more private in that location so that was ok. My wedding day everything was perfect. My flowers were beautiful, the coordinators were all so helpful and right on time for everything. Actually having the ceremony were we did ended up better. Our photographers said the pier in the background at the other location would be sticking out of my head in all the photos:) They decorated the ceremony location and the new plaza perfectly. It was just amazing! We did the $12 entrees for our reception and it was the best meal we had all week. Everyone raved about the food and how great the staff was at the private reception. It was more than I could have even imagined. Our photographers were brilliant (Nells and Anna Akerlund) and I think helped us as though they were coordinators in addition to photographers. We were so happy we flew them in. I will post my wedding and TTD photos from them when they come in. I think that I still would recommend the resort, in fact I think we will probably return to another Dorado resort on our next trip. I just wish we could have removed all the unnessessary stress prior to the wedding which really could have been avoided with a little communication. We did have some complaints from guests as far as rude service at the pools and bars. Some people didnt have hot water in their rooms, etc. Several of our guests had long check outs as well and were told they had balances when they didnt. I hope this doesnt scare anyone but I just think that honesty is best and its good for you to know that there may be some bumps in the road your first few days. I feel like everyday we were there got better and better and we didnt want to leave. Hope this helps:)
  7. Congrats Erika and safe travels. I will be leaving Saturday for my wedding - We will see you there! We will be the happy couple drinking pina colatas and chasing them with tequila! BTW: does anyone know if the hair dryers in the room are the cheesy kind that dont dry well that are attached to the wall. My sisters keep asking me. lol
  8. Quote: Hey Lilmisssunshine, I think I am going to go with one of the $50.00 tropical bouquets. I was thinking at first about going with the Cala lillies, but I'm trying to keep cost down as much as possible, and I think the tropical flowers look pretty anyway. Do you know what you are doing about a cake? I really don't like the cakes that come with the wedding packages and they are super small, but the ones that don't come with the package are super expensive. I don't really know what to about that. I'm probably going to have about 40-50 people at the wedding, and I was thinking about getting a 2 tiered-cake, but there are not a ton of options on the lomas website. For those who have already gotten married, and for those who are, have any of you decided on a custom cake? I know some people found pictures and sent them in and had those made or are planning on that. If you don't mind, could you let me know how much you paid for them as well? Thanks thanks. I also think the tropical bouquets are pretty and am doing that as well. As far as the cake, if you read the past posts from brides who have already had their weddings, most have said no one ate the cake and they wouldnt recommend spending the money. We selected the $12 set meal but it comes with a desert. Other than that we are ordering a really small cake just to cut for photos. Most of my friends and family are so healthy, no one eats cake anyway:) hope this helps. We too are trying to keep spending minimal.
  9. Has anyone decided on what flowers they are going to go with for the bouquet? Im wondering if anyone has chosen the smaller $50.00 options. For those whom have already been to the sensatori - are there hairdryers in the rooms? thanks just starting to pack and keep as much room as possible for my shoes:)
  10. has anyone who has already gotten married at the azul hung lanterns or any decor in the plaza? If so did you bring your own wire to hang it and did they charge you a fee? also wondering if anyone has a program made for the ceremony? Im trying to put together a last minute order to vista print and im kinda wondering if the signing of the registrar comes before the announcement? any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks ladies
  11. Ok so we have our invites done and are getting ready to address them. I would like to hire someone to adress them for us with nice handwritting such as calligraphy or something nice. My FI wants to print them on the computer using a pretty font. My mom nearly had a heart attack because she thinks it is not appropriate to print them on the computer- pretty font or not. What has everyone else done? What is appropriate? Who do you bring them to to address them appropriately? Any advice would help so much. Thank you
  12. I am looking for a clear crystal or pink starfish to be passed/loaned to me. I would be so happy if someone has one available. My wedding is right around the corner April 16, 2009. If anyone has one to share I would be so greatful and promise to keep it safe and return or pass to another bride after my wedding.
  13. I love augusta Jones and almost purchased one for my dress. They are just beautiful and there are several very beachy styles.
  14. I love augusta Jones and almost purchased one for my dress. They are just beautiful and there are several very beachy styles.
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