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  1. If there is one thing friends have taught me from their weddings...unless you get a very firm NO. Do not assume they arn't coming. My BF told me, she had to call 30 people for her wedding to find out and most people WERE going. They just forgot, lost the card or didn't even think of it. It's hard to imagine that our wedding's arn't 1st on other people's list, but sadly it is so.
  2. Are the envelopes are still available? em me at bigwuhead at aol Thanks, Cristina
  3. I've gotten some great gifts for being a BM... 1. My SIL gave all of her girls beautiful pearl earings, along with purses to match our dresses and jewlery for the wedding. The pearls weren't for the wedding day. 2. My BF gave us beautiful jewlery to wear the day of the wedding. 3. My other BF gave us each mp3 players, jewlery for the wedding, treated us to our hair and makeup and for me (I was the MOH) she gave me a spa treatment gift certificate. I've also seen people do very personalized things... a helicopter flight for 1 couple and a dinner and show tickets for another couple. Think about what type of gift you want to give them, maybe treat them to a spa day or something like that or a free personal training session at their gym or tanning.
  4. bigwuhead

    Engagement Annoucements?

    We arn't planning an AHR, so we don't have the two list option. BUT I am planning to send out our Christmas Cards and include an engagement picture and not mention anything in the card about our wedding plans. I am then planning to send our STD's out in April (1 year prior) and those will go to only people invited. My Christmas list has ALOT of people who will not be invited, as it is a destination wedding, however, I think they would want to know the news. So that will be our official announcement.
  5. We haven't asked anyone yet, but have tossed around several ideas. I have 3 friends that I would like to have on my side, however FI doesn't have anyone he is "close" to, but doesn't want to be uneven and has thought maybe he would ask his Brother in law and my brother. We are also entertaining the idea of not having a party and just honoring my friends with flowers or something to that effect.
  6. bigwuhead

    OBX bride

    Thanks ladies. Hopefully I can share some info too as I go along with planning.
  7. bigwuhead

    OBX bride

    Hey Ladies, I'm starting to plan my April/May 2010 DW on Hatteras Island in the OBX. We live in NJ, but really wanted to do something different, but wanted family and friends to join us, so we chose the Outer Banks. We haven't set a date yet, as we are still checking out venues and what not. So i'm really open to any info anyone can share!! Thanks, Cristina
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    New Kid on the block!

    Hey Ladies, I'm new here... Getting married in April/May 2010 in the OBX. Looking at a few houses in Frisco (Hatteras), NC to hold all our wedding events at! We are still in the very early planning stages, but are on a budget and paying it for ourselves, so we have to really plan well! Best wishes to everyone! Cristina