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  1. I got mine today for 68 cents each. They are 75% off now!
  2. Amb09

    June 2011 Brides!

    My date is June 3, 2011 at Dreams. We have booked the date with the resort as well as a photographer! I will be sending out STDs within the next few days. They just need to be sealed and stamped.
  3. Amb09

    Newbie...in a sense

    I've been a member for a while now, but we have finally set a date so I felt like I needed to reintroduce myself. June 3, 2011 at Dreams Los Cabos. For the last year and a half I've been lurking around here and reading everyones wonderful ideas. So happy to start doing my own planning!
  4. Thank you so much! Very helpful information!!
  5. I registered and forgot to post that I did. Hope I am approved.
  6. Amb09

    Juan Carlos Tapia's Associate???

    I noticed that her page is blank also. I would def want to see some of her work though. Just ask, maybe you'll get something =)
  7. Amb09

    Club Marival

    I'm not a bride there but I've been to a wedding there. It was absolutely fabulous! There was about 30 guests. It is a little bit away from the fun part of the city from what I remember. The drive from the airport seems long also, but probably because I was excited to get there. The resort is really nice though!
  8. I know you posted the resort certificates a really long time ago. But you seem to post lots of helpful things about Dreams
  9. We are! Hopefully in Nov 09. Me and Scott At Dreams (possibly) Nov 6 or 7th? Everything is up in the air and I'm still open to changes
  10. Amb09

    I'm new!

    Hey! My name is Amber and I'm new around here. I love this place so far, its really helpful!! I have no idea when or where we are getting married. Right now my fiance is in Iraq so we're not really in the planning stages yet. I would like to have the wedding in Cabo, but we'll see. I've looked around online at a few places, but that's about it.