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We're finally booked!

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After 5 months of waiting for rates and planning. We are finally confirmed for our wedding date of January 22/09 and booked in with Sunquest for our group. We presently have 15 booked :) some going from Detroit and the rest Toronto

Phewww what a process!!! Let the fun begin!

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Originally Posted by kevsgirl View Post
Congratulations!!!thewave.gif Doesn't it feel awesome? smile123.gif
We just firmed things up about 2 weeks ago. It's such a relief!
No doubt! Everything else is easy. That was the stressful part. choosing location and booking. We got pretty good rates too :)
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Originally Posted by Marnie&Peter View Post
What a relief eh! I know I was soo happy and I just felt a huge load was lifted off my shoulders....

Do you get 1 free trip for when the 16th person books and the 32nd person books? (thru sunquest)
Yes I do, that makes me quite happy!! Not sure I will get the 32nd as we are booking with 2 tour companies for our group..but the 16th definitely.
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