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  1. I got married at ROR in Jan 2009 and it was amazing. The day had a few blunders but I didn't really sweat the small stuff so still had a perfect wedding. The resort is gorgeous. It is a very large resort too so if you want to sneak away from guests attending, its really easy to do. The wedding co-ordinator has changed there though so this might be the reason for the negative reviews. I would do your research as you want your day to be as flawless as possible.
  2. Great review and you looked wonderful. I had the same minister do my wedding in Jan 2009 - he did a wonderful job. Ahhh to be back there again Jamaica was too fun. Glad you had a wonderful time.
  3. have the "no problem" attitude and you will enjoy your day much more
  4. My review should be in the reviews section under Rio Ocho Rios. My wedding was in Jan 09 but feel free to read if you want There are tons of threads as well...just do a search. congrats and goodluck
  5. I was there in mid Jan and I have thick mid length hair. I found my hair to be frizzy quite frequently. I would take a really good anti frizz styling product along with you for just the regular days there. Depending on how good your hair stylists are and what products they have, it might be do-able. The girls at ROR could do just about anything you wanted without a whole lot of frizz.
  6. We just watched the show and had some drinks. The disco opens at 11 so we went there once the show was over.
  7. That is really disappointing to hear as Chandlyn did a wonderful job with my wedding (with exception of flowers). She just had a way of calming you. It will be interesting to see the upcoming reviews and how things went. Best wishes ladies . I hope your day's are everything you hoped for and this change in co-ordinators doesn't spoil such an important day for you. Try not to stress..
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by JesseLyn10 I wish I knew that before I mailed everything! I wonder what happens if they don't receive our documents. I am super nervous about this. Bring them along with you and check when you have your appointment with the wedding co-ordinator. Everything for us went super smooth and I was worrying for nothing. Try and relax and enjoy your day! It is what it is
  9. 1- Not too sure about music. I brought cd's along with me and they played them for us. I have heard about others bringing ipods and docking stations. 2- We tipped our wait staff as we had 32 people have dinner with us and our photographer as well. We did not tip the wedding co-ordinator as this is her job. Many do though. You do not receive drinks at your dinner unless maybe requested??. If you plan on tipping, I would wait until after the services are complete to do so to make sure you are satisfied. 3- The rain venue is the Mammee bay. I have not seen the set up for this so I am not sure what they do with this to make it weddingish. Hope this helps
  10. There are elevators. I would suggest trying to book your rooms all in the same area. The resort is huge and we did a lot of walking while we were there. The wedding gazebo on the beach is at the opposite end of the resort from the standard rooms. I would say it takes about 10 minutes to walk there.
  11. Some people do and some don't. I would suggest if you are going to tip either to wait until after everything is complete to make sure you are satisfied with everything. We made the mistake of tipping the photographer prior to receiving our pictures and some of our editing didn't get completed and they were going to have to ship our pictures to us. We only tipped our wait staff..and that was around $40.00.
  12. He took some really great pictures in the Dunns River Falls. Very nice.
  13. Hey If you ladies still come here, just wanted to wish you a very happy 1st anniversary.
  14. I made a list of stuff i was looking for and compared the resorts. I picked ROR due to the fact they had a free wedding package, the wedding co-ordinator was highly recommended on this site, the resort was large so everyone didn't always have to be together, pricing, had several golfers in the group and there was golf close by. I wasn't disappointed with my choice either, the resort was absolutely beautiful.
  15. I thought the video was a nice thing to have. They include some of your pics in it and it is all put to music with the exception of the ceremony. We had two hours of photo time and found that to be enough. You will also have your guests taking pictures and I found some of them had some great shots too.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Loveisintheair I am behind the eight ball but I get married March 6th at ROR at 4pm. I am having a semi-private reception and was thinking about the poolside reception afterwards with a dj. But I thought this would make for a long evening. About how long is the restaurant reception? Or I was thinking about a coktail hour in between with a dj before. I just want to be considerate of the guest time. I know it is about me but they have spent money for a vacation as well. Most are leaving the next day. Any thoughts? We sat down for dinner at 6:30 at the plantation (they had moved us due to the number of weddings that day) and were not finished until 9:30 or 10. I was glad I didn't have anything planned as we just went to the bar and had some drinks for an hour and then went to the disco.
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by isaidyes I was really having a hard time making a decision about this too. But after all these comments i think we will try for the disco as well. Thanks! If you want the disco, it would be a wise idea to book it in advance....like now. There is up to 4 weddings per day and you want to make sure you get what you want. Just a piece of advice
  18. I was actually glad we did not have anything planned for after dinner. Our dinner ended up lasting till around 9:30pm as we had a big group and took wait staff a bit to get all our meals (32 of us). We did our cake cutting with pictures too which took a little bit. We just had some drinks at the bar, watched a bit of the show and went to the disco when it opened at 11 - still had a blast. Wouldn't change a thing.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by amqueens Any recomendations for a TA? So,if the beach party is by the Seagrape on Saturdays,does that mean u can't have something there that day? Any suggestions on where to do dancing and drinking? Thanks for your help!! The poolside reception looked kinda neat ..looks like it is just in the plantation restaurant for the most part. I did see a beach reception that was down near the wedding gazebo (this was at night). It looked pretty cool because you were out of the way a little bit so you could have your own private party. If you want more info on this, send klopez a private message...she did this. The disco would be ok too if you have enough people to make it fun. You can rent it before it opens at 11pm for the rest of the resort. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t36652
  20. I can't answer u on pricing of the seagrape but the disco is 150 per hour. I know with the seagrape, a lot of people can look onto your reception. There is a bar right above it and you can look down and watch. Also saturday nights they have the beach party on the beach (its right where the seagrape is). What you do in regards to booking is secure your wedding date (aka put in the request) then you have three months from the wedding date to secure it with 5 rooms being booked. You may also ask the Riu for an extension on your date if the rates are not there yet. I think you can extend a couple extra months. Its really easy if you get your TA to do this all for you. Hope this helps
  21. I agree to wait until after the wedding is over to give her a tip. Make sure you are satisfied with the job he or she did.
  22. Congrats! You are getting married on my one year anniversary . I got married there this past year on Jan 22. We chose the free package and just did a few upgrades. We had 32 as well. Our wedding meal got moved to the planatation (free of charge) due to the amount of weddings. It was nice and quite private. You can do several options for a reception following your dinner. There is a beach reception, poolside or you can rent the disco. If you do a search, you will find information on all this stuff. If you wanna go to Dunn's River Falls, go down on the beach to Scuba Caribe. They take you on a catamaran to Dunns. You party on the way there and back and have a chance to snorkel as well. I found its well worth the money Hope this helps
  23. I found picking the resort was one of the most difficult of the processes. You need to figure out what you are looking for from the resort (ammenities, wedding packages etc). I picked ROR due to the large size of the resort, its known for its weddings and there was a free wedding option. The resort was not a disappointment when I arrive. It is gorgeous.
  24. Beach has a nice backdrop and there is more room for guests. Pretty much anyone can watch your wedding on the beach though. It is quite the walk from the standard rooms to the beach gazebo too. Pond is more private but less room. I found both are nice but would do the beach again in a minute. It was just more peaceful. Depends on what you want.
  25. Nice review and great pics. Wow, do i ever miss jamaica..*lol*
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