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Hi from "undecided within Mexico" bride!


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Hi all,


So glad i found this forum! Looks like it has great information. Here's my details:


Name: Lani and Andy

Living in: Boston, MA

Wedding Date: early May 2009

Wedding Location: someplace in Mexico!


We've looked all over and right now i think either Riviera Maya or Puerto Vallarta are our top options. I actually prefer PV but its so easy and cheap to get to RM from Boston that it may be better for our guests.


Ill be searching the forums and reading on the locations, but if anyone wants to PM me to talk about these sites, feel free!



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Hi there!

We're also in the middle of deciding where we'll have our wedding in Mexico! I'll be heading to Riviera Maya in Dec and just got back from PV. It was beautiful, but totally different from Cancun area. It's a ton of culture, flea markets, and does have alot of historic places to check out. When i went to Cancun quite a few years ago, all i remember is BLUE BLUE water and it being so clean, open land and touristy. I guess we'll see when i head back! Hope this helps a little, let me know if you have any questions :)

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. I am a Cancun bride so if you decide on that location let me know if you have any questions. We picked Cancun because it was easy for all of our guests to get to. Most were coming from the east coast (DC area), Panama and Ecuador. And we picked Cancun instead of south of there (Playa del Carmen, Tulum) because we were expecting 80 guests and it was just easier that they didn't have to travel an hour or two once they arrived in Cancun since they had already traveled far to get there. You will find all the info you need right here! Good luck.

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