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Need help with shoes!!

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Now I know its ages before I get married but I'm a control freak and its the only thing i need lol FI needs loads of stuff but he's on his own on that as he needs to lose weight so he can get a jacobean shirt.


Anyway my dress is black and white but mostly black. I bought some really cheap sandals as I thought they would be ok, but when they have arrived they are minging and will kill me lol


See the thing is I NEVER wear shoes and don't even own a pair its always boots or trainers. I can't walk in heels, unless they are boots, as my ankles give way (totally flat footed lol) so I don't want something with a massive heel because I know I will fall arse over tit, and although that would be funny, i just don't fancy doing my vows nearly peeing myself with laughter lol FI would totally have a sense of humour failure lmao


Any ideas? I've looked at everything and I'm just not a diamonte girl!!

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Not got one, it needs altering because its too big and its hiding at my aunt's house because FI didn't want to see it lol


I mean I live on a bungalow with 2 bedrooms how the hell was I gonna hide that for over a year lol


I'll try and describe it, Its really long pools round my feet and i'm 5'5. Its got a white band round the top and the rest of it is black on first glance.


Its got corset type laces up one side with white underneath and the black moves aside and its white underneath with hardly any bling


Sounds gross but I love it, think its a prom dress tho lol the woman in the shop when I was trying it on said oh thats a nice prom dress. I said i'm 35!! and its for my wedding lmao she just oh well its still nice lmao


Think my aunt nearly fainted but she should know better by now lol


See I originally thought black but then friend was saying what about white and black - how about trainers lol

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