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what to do for vegetarian for wedding??

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Originally Posted by Tammy Host View Post
they will do a pasta dish or some vegetables...my guests had a larger order of the cheese/spinach ravioli...

they said it was really good.
I am having this as an option for those people...it was good we had it while we were down on our site visit. They didn't have a problem offering that with the other options we had too.
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Originally Posted by cessyboston View Post
i sent out my invitations and recieved a message saying they are a vegetarian does dreams have something special or should i askhuh.gif
They definitely should do something to accomodate your guest and probably will without any recourse. I am a vegetarian and having my wedding at Las Caletas and they're providing a veggie lasagne in addition to the other choices for dinner.

I also do a lot of meeting/event planning for my job and it's never been an issue at hotels or restaurants. Typically ends up being a pasta dish. You'll most likely have to point out your guest or have something differentiate to notify the staff as to who gets the special dinner.
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My FMIL is vegan, and I recently (last few months) have "converted" to eating vegan, and we are requesting special plates for both of us. They are more than accomodating. Most of the food down there can be vegetarian or vegan very easily so it should be no biggie :)

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