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Bride Loses 130lbs!


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Weight-Loss Success Stories- Samantha W. - Weight-Loss Success Story - MSN Health & Fitness



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Weight and Me


I was always a really skinny child but once puberty hit I began to gain weight. I slowly gained over time but was never really big. I got engaged to an amazing man and it was like I stopped caring what I looked like. I just ate and ate. I put on 90 pounds in a year. I was miserable. People don't look you in the eyes at that weight. It's like you don't exist. That just made me eat even more.


The Last Straw


My mom mentioned she thought I might not be healthy. That was a nice way of saying what I and everyone else knew, I was morbidly obese. Thanksgiving I went to my future in-laws and my fiance's step-father kept making jokes about me being fat. I left in tears and vowed by next Thanksgiving I would prove how good I could look. I decided to start New Year's Day 2006.


How I Did It


I watched what I ate in 3 stages. The first stage, I ate any unhealthy food I wanted but not in the huge amounts I had before. That stage lasted about 4 months. The second stage, I ate only things that were low fat. I could have as much as I wanted but it had to be low in fat or no fat. The last stage started 3 months ago, and I finally started to count calories. I have not exercised while dieting so it has been all through food portions. The hardest part was eating a little bit and stopping. Your body gets full from small amounts but we just keep eating.


The Key To Success


I made a choice, I made a goal and failure was not an option. I did not think I could do it but I was going to keep trying. I focused on the long term over short term. Food will make me happy for 30 minutes, but weight loss will make me happy longer. I started at size 22 and bought a pair of size 16 pants--that was my goal. I also wanted to weigh 180 pounds. It was my goal for the year.


Derailers and Strategies


Food derails me. I love it. It tastes great. I had to find healthy foods that I love to keep me from starving all the time. I enjoy the healthy foods and eat tons of it. My motivation is looking good in my wedding dress, but mostly being healthy and no longer being someone people feel bad for.


When I Slip...


Try to stay calm. Realize the food is in my stomach and the only thing I can do about it is make a plan for next time. What I did wrong this time and how I will deal with it in the future.


When I Soar...


When people do not recognize me. I've lost 130 pounds and my hair is longer so it happens a lot. People look at me funny and say "You remind me of someone." A girl I know used to make jokes and tease me about being fat, now I'm smaller than her and she's dieting to look like me!

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Ok I don't think she looks that bad at her highest weight. Her boobs obviously shrunk and you can tell she doesn't look happy. However, she doesn't look exactly happy in the after pic either.


Anyways, I can't believe people said those things to her prior to loosing weight. She doesn't look that big to me. Then again people are assholes.

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1 word: WOW


Poor girl. I agree, she doesnt look too happy in the after picture either. She is going to have to get over all the physcologial and mental things she is dealing with inside to be truly happy. Its crazy how sometimes mean and crass adults can be. SOB's@!#$%%!

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Originally Posted by MoonPalacePookie View Post
Did i miss any mention of exercise, it seems crazy to lose that might weight without excercise. I totally agree she didn't look that big before. Her FI's step-father sounds like a real winner, what an @$$.
That's what I was thinking! :)
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