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Remember my surgery 2 weeks ago? tomorrow again


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Here is the update… 2 weeks ago I had an ear surgery because horrible pain in my ears after a flight, after surgey they send me to do an scan and the doctors found that I need to fix some other things (sinus, remove an osteoma, septal deviation and will also do an small nose job to correct an small bump) in order to breath and heal completely from my left ear; so tomorrow is my surgery I am kind of nervous and scared, but considering this week in 6 months I will be on my wedding, we needed to do it ASAP… so wish me luck and see you soon after I am out of the hospital…

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Oh wow! you poor thing. My sister had that surgery as well (the nose one) and she healed up perfectly. Of course she didn't feel the greatest right after but she said she felt 10x better now that she can breathe more freely. Plus she loves her nose!


After all the pain, you will feel so much better. Good luck and rest up!

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