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online Diet & Exercise trackers...

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In lieu of Season2 of BDW BL starting tomorrow, I wanted to post some sites you can use to track your nutrition and fitness.


Here are some tips:

  • buy a little mini notebook (like one of those 2"x3" from CVS and throw it in your purse, when you are not at the PC, jot down what you eat so you can fill it in later.
  • track EVERYTHING you eat, it will take a little bit of time for the 1st week or 2 but you will be surprised at where empty calories come from and learn a lot about your nutrition.
  • make sure to track your exercise / activity b/c that changes how many calories you should eat everyday
  • lastly, if you have a 'bad' day, like eat candy or too many glasses of wine, track that too b/c you will realize it is not as bad as you think, also, when you pull reports you can start to see a trend like "oh, that is the week i was PMS'ing that i ate 4000calories worth of nachos" smile120.gif

Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal - MyFitnessPal.com (FREE)

I just recently found this one, I think this is the best one out there, super easy to navigate and fast! And, this one has the most comprehensive database of food of any that I have used.


Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople (FREE)

I like this one but it takes a while to figure it out and every time you want to track something, you have to open a new window - it really gets cumbersome.


My Food Diary :: Online Calorie Counter w/ Diet Journal & Exercise Log ($9 per month - no contract)

this one is really good but with myfitnesspal.com being free, what's the point?


Welcome to WeightWatchers.com (not sure how much just the online is)

this is really geared for the WW diets but if you are doing them, i would stick with this.


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!popcorn.gif (hhhmm maybe i shouldn't have used the popcorn chomping smiley but it is air-popped, no-salt, no butter) lol

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I too had been using Spark People but it was hard to figure out (in fact still working on that). Gonna give that my fitness pal a try. Thank you so much!!!

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Thanks for the tips Alyssa, Im sure I will be using anything i can get my hands on.

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Hey guys,


For those of you that eat lunch at Blimpie's I just want to let you know that the nutritional value chart is not in stores or on their website. I sent an email requesting them to send me a copy of the chart and the email was bounced back to me. If you are keeping track of your calories and food intake then Blimpie's is not the way to go (even though I love their food). Subway however is not afraid to show details and I may just starting eating there more frequently then blimpie's.


Just some FYI!!

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