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Ever meet someone famous?

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#91 Yvette

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    Posted 05 June 2008 - 02:01 PM

    i got to meet jason newsted a couple of times. weird story, i have a good friend who was and is obsessed with him. so i was taking a break from college, years ago, and she mentioned there was a concert happening in CA and she wanted to go. (one of his many sideprojects, called echobrain) so it was spring break for her and we decide to go see this band. she was a part of their street team so she got us into the meet and greet after the show. so we got to meet him and wanted to take some pics but he kindly declined due to the flash hurting his eyes. we were bummed but still glad we got to talk with him. so we started talking with the others who got to stick around after the show and mentioned we were from chicago and came out to see them play. well word got back to jason about our journey to come see him and later that night he approched us ready to take pictures. how sweet is he!

    we got to talk with the band and get signatures when they did a show in wi. but it was amazing when we got to hang out with them a second time when they made their way to chicago.

    so that is my long odd story about jason newsted.

    #92 Lilpaisley

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      Posted 05 June 2008 - 04:00 PM

      I've had a few brushes with the famous over the years. Here are a few i can think of off the top of my head.

      1. I won a radio call in trivia show and got to spend the day with Tori Amos. I was there to watch her do a radio interview show and got to go to her concert that night. I still have the autographed picture she gave me.

      2. I was a hotel maid at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA while in college. They were filming a music video for the Soup Dragons song Divine Thing. Well I guess they liked my look and I ended up in the music video as an extra. I still have never seen the video myself. I have an autographed CD single for the song...they didn't pay us to be extras, just gave us the CD.

      3. I went to a Rammstein concert with 10 friends. 3 girls and 7 guys. Roadies were waitng by the entrance and picked me out of the crown and gave me a backstage pass. I convinced them to give me 2 and we snuck in a 3rd girlfriend after the show. It was pretty mellow and boring until my BF at the time freaked out (he was drunk) and started banging on the doors (he was locked outside) "Rammstein kidnapped my girlfriend". We had only been in there like 10 min and all the guys were supposed to be hanging at a near by pub for us...but my Ex had other plans. If only he'd know that the conversation I'd been having with the band member was about what he had been doing the night the Berlin Wall had come down.

      I've got more...like Tony Hawk, Steve Perry etc.

      Oh...I thought of one last funny one. Tom Skerritt lives near me and I once knocked him off his feet in a coffee shop by opening the door into him.
      Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica - Feb 28, 2009

      #93 Lilpaisley

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        Posted 05 June 2008 - 04:22 PM

        I can't beleive I forgot this one. I went to high school and ran track with Marion Jones. She was a B*#@! and stuck up...I'm not at all surprised that she took drugs and got stripped of all her Olympic medals.
        Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica - Feb 28, 2009

        #94 Rachelle E.

        Rachelle E.
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          Posted 05 June 2008 - 04:59 PM

          Oh...I thought of one last funny one. Tom Skerritt lives near me and I once knocked him off his feet in a coffee shop by opening the door into him.
          lol! That's kind of funny! I have a friend who went to school w/ his son. She said the son was nice, but kind of messed up. She said Tom is a jerk though and was a total @ss to his kid. :-(

          #95 Copita

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            Posted 05 June 2008 - 05:00 PM

            Muhammad Ali. I was still a wee (7ish). He was in his prime, and not sick yet.
            He was SO cool and I will always remember him being so polite and just really nice, quiet. :)

            #96 Davematthews16

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              Posted 05 June 2008 - 05:22 PM

              I've met John Elway a few times. He's a very nice guy :) GOOO OLD SCHOOL BRONCOS!!!!!!!!

              #97 -Kate-

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                Posted 05 June 2008 - 08:00 PM

                Gary Busey challenged me to a spitting contest once. Cause he'd f'n crazy. I was in law school and was on the phone with DH. Gary came up and asked me about spitting and I was like "Hold on hon, Gary Busey is here challenging me to a spitting contest." Not normal. I did not spit with him. I had to explain to him that I'm not really a spitter.

                I used to hang out at the beach every Sunday with "O face" from Office Space.
                I was in the same sorority with a girl that was on Biggest Loser - she got proposed to at the finale.

                I've seen people - but not really "met" them. I was in an elevator with just me, my brother, and Janet Jackson.
                Seen Pam Anderson, Adam Sandler, the daughter from Gilmore Girls with that other Amber chick from the Traveling Pants movie, Ian Ziering, Cameron Diaz with Jared Leto back when they were dating, Luiz from Passions, Luke Wilson, that dude Sam something with the big mustache who is always in cowboy movies, the first Bachelor. We had a list when I lived in LA but it went in the trash when I moved.

                #98 sstotz

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                  Posted 03 January 2009 - 02:06 PM

                  k,.. growing up in cali i've got a little list, too.. i may forget at least half of them but here it goes: (fyi: some of the spelling is wayyy off)
                  I think the FIRST time I ever hungout with celebrities was when the MTV Beach House came to San Diego my Senior year in High School.. I skipped school almost every other day that month (I saved up all my absent days for the year...which were like 25) and met Carson Daily (he would tell us Ramona kids to go home, but secretly we knew he loved having us there..haha, I touched Stiflers butt (its actually a funny story), my friend won a thong from Sisqos shake down, and we met him..and met tons of artists..
                  then there was a time that i use to hang out with Damion Elliott (Deonn Worwick's son and nephew of Whitney Houston) he produced music like Bone Thugs, and Pinks Misunderstood CD.. in that time I played pool with Boys to Men in the studio, listened to Linda Perry make a track (that lady that sang the song that goes, "and so I wake up in the morning and I look outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high and i scream at the top of my lungs Whats Going Onnnn", went out to a club with him and Pink,..met Jamie Foxx a few times, use to hangout with Khadijah and Malika who are Smokey Robinsons twin daughters..met Ludacris, Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera, only SAW Britney Spears in a club (would love to actually meet her though), went to a CD release party for Black Eyed Peas and met (cant think of his name but he's Turk on Scrubs), Jared Letto, JUSTIN Timberlake (he was watching the BEP standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME, and then got pulled up on the stage to sing "where is the love" with them..
                  uhmmmm.. the 1st Bachelor (hes an ass that was begging my friend to go home with him..now that I think about it, I think she did).. I danced with Webster! (Emanuel Lewis)--that was funny.. Hung out with Scott Storch in his studio.. was approached by Sean Stewart (Rods son) at the beach, and invited to a house party in Malibu.. after picking up his sister (Kimberley), we went to the party and none-other than Tara Reed was passed out on the couch at 4pm!! uhmmm I can't really remember who else was there.. that was about 8 years ago! I rode a ski lift with Andrew Keagan (who was my teenage crush) and we threw snowballs at eachother all day while I was snowboarding with my boyfriend (funny story actually, i was a little star struck and missed my lift..he was right behind me so I had to go with him!), one night at Element (actually the night Paris Hiltons ex drove her bentley into the back of a truck) we had a table and Justin was sitting in it, Paris was dancing on the table in the booth next to ours, seth green came to talk, and some other people that I cant remember..
                  I've met Harold Williams and some other people while helping film the last portion of a movie called surf school (didnt make it to theaters), met stephen coletti, lc, brody, heidi (ew), and a few other people..
                  K-I'm having an ADD moment so Im stopping there. :]
                  ~Soon to be Shanny May
                  June 20th, 2009
                  Cabo San Lucas, MX


                  #99 Mrs D To Be!

                  Mrs D To Be!
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                    Posted 03 January 2009 - 02:11 PM

                    omg sstotz yours are amazing!! i'm mucho jealous!!

                    #100 MsSunshine

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                      Posted 03 January 2009 - 09:42 PM

                      I met Alec Baldwin back in 2007. This was the weekend that he had called and left that outrageous message on his daughter's cell phone. My husband, baby daughter, and I were taking a US Airways flight from La Guardia airport to Washington, DC. They had called for pre-boarding and he was standing right behind us. He was asking my husband what my daughter's name was and said that she is a gorgeous baby. I didn't believe my husband at first but when he told me to look behind him...I was like OMG! He sat across from us and just kept looking back at my daughter smiling at us. I guess it reminded him of when his daughter was a baby. I know he was going to some kind of event at the Kennedy Center. Some young girl sat next to him and he was chatting with her. They were talking about movies. As soon as we arrived in DC, he quickly left. I should've taken a pic of him holding my daughter. Oh well lol!

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