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So, I'm an over-planner. I know this and accept this about myself. If anyone is interested in micro-managing their guests like I am, feel free to use the following template! It is for Couples Swept Away in particular and Negril in general.


PM me if you have any questions!


Special thanks to Mo (TA Maureen aka MoWife) and Angie (from Couples Forum) for getting me started!


Page 1: Welcome and Thank You Cover letter (We had the resort logo and our monogram at the bottom)

Page 2: TA contact info, Policies & Procedures

Page 3: Have your passport or I'll kill you

Page 4: Flight Info, Airline contact info, Airport Info

Page 5: What to expect when you arrive

Page 6: Packing List & Luggage Policies-check with your airline as many of these have now changed

Page 7: Fact page about Jamaica & Negril

Page 8: Things to know about the Island

Page 9: More things to know about the island and Travel/Safety Tips

Page 10: Dining at the resort - types of food and dress code

Page 11: Free at Resort Activities Schedule

Page 12: Free at Resort Activities Schedule

Page 13: Optional Excursions at Additional Cost

Page 14: Spa Menu & price list

Page 15: Fitness Schedule

Page 16: Hurricane Policy & Insurance Info (because people always ask)


Not included:


The map of Negril provided by Petals and a letter from our TA that explains and details our exemption from the new baggage policy.




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