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    Tour Companies in Ocho Rios

    I booked an excursion with Divine Tours - Jamaica I have a group of 20 and they offer a private tour for our group on an AC bus. Our trip will depart from Negril, but they may have other tours in Ocho Rios
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    New to this site..

    Welcome to the forum! Happy Planning!
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    Newbie getting married in Huatulco, Mex

    Welcome to the forum! Happy Planning!
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    Just starting the process!

    Welcome to the forum! Happy Planning!
  5. Great review!! Although I am not a SGOR bride, I am getting married at a Sandals resort and the info you provided was great.
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    Sand Ceremony Kit - On Sale

    I love this kit. I am bookmarking the site and will probably get this one. I like that it has a top, making it easier to bring home.
  7. I love this idea. Not sure I want to put in the time this couple did to make the tower though.
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    destination and hype

    I went based on recomindations from my travel agent. If I had to do things different, I would have researched prices better for our guests. Most of our guests found better prices at RIU Negril and are staying there. Of course that means that they pay to come on site at Sandals for the wedding, but with the huge price difference, it was worth it for them. If I had to do it different, I would also consider not having the wedding at hotel/resort. It just seems like there are too many nikel and dime fees at all the big AI. I would look into a private beach ceremony
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    Hello Fellow Brides From a Cabo-Bride-to-Be!

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    I guess this will be my newbie post!!!

    Welcome to the forum!!