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  1. If anyone wants any more photos, email me and i'll send you more!
  2. Thanks. I'm sure the dress you picked out is beautiful.
  3. if anyone has any more questions about Riu Negril or Negril escape let me know!
  4. Style No: 8407 Color: White/Silver Size: 10 This is a gorgeous Allure strapless, long train, wedding dress that I bought for over $1,000. The beading on this dress is stunning. The dress has its own skirt underneath but to give the dress its full beautiful effect an addition skirt should be worn (i will include that skirt which is about $80 retail). I'm 5'6" and wore 3" heels and it was the perfect length for me. I did have cups put inside the bust for extra support. The back has a zipper and buttons over the zipper so the zipper is not visible. I also had french bustles put in on the train, which is basically ribbon wrist loops that are sewn to the inside of the dress, it basically tucks the train nicely under the back of the dress to create a gathered look and let's you move around easier after the ceremony. I wore this dress for about 15 minutes at my ceremony in Jamaica. Its very clean (it does have some lipstick on the INSIDE of the bust - got it there while i was putting it on). There's also some very light dirt marks on the bottom side of the train (not visible unless you lift up the train and look underneath). I really love this dress, but there's no need for it to sit around in the closet when it can be enjoyed by someone else. Yours for $550 OBO. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know their nightly rates? it's not on their site. Thanks
  6. It really adds up. I'm not sure what their packages include. We were just sent a menu that we chose from for a specific price per person, and then you can add things like a lobster dish, dessert, appetizers, open bar, etc. I think for the food it was reasonable. But once you add the open bar, DJ, etc, it really starts adding up. If you want email me directly, Jane600@hotmail.com and we can compare prices. The thing is some of the other hotels on the cliffs either made you have a majority of your party stay there or you have to pay an entrance fee in addition to everything else. That I know of there are The Rockhouse, Tensing Pen, and Catcha Falling Star. I know there is a lot more though because they are just all next to each other.
  7. I'm not sure what Riu's packages come out to be after everything but I can speculate it's less than going off-site. I'm sure your wedding is going to be wonderful no matter where you do it.
  8. I'm not sure what Riu's packages come out to be after everything but I can speculate it's less than going off-site. I'm sure your wedding is going to be wonderful no matter where you do it. I think if we knew how much everything was going to be in the end we would have done it on-site. Really, the stuff that I mentioned are minor compared to how much you're saving!
  9. I have to say though no matter where you have your wedding, on the cliff or beach, at Riu or another resort, it's going to be beautiful and different than most weddings already. Apart from the wedding, our guests just had a wonderful time spending the week with us and other family and friends so i think either way it's a positive experience.
  10. Also, the other thing we saw was that there are about 2-3 weddings there a day, so we would see brides running into each other. But that could have just been the time we were there. If you're going to take photos there and want to get away from the crowd, go down to the fish sanctuary all the way at the end of the resort, by building 4, it's pretty secluded.
  11. There are a number of reasons why we wanted to have the wedding offsite. First, I think the guests really enjoyed going to another resort and experiencing being on the cliffs and trying food from another resort besides ours. Also, we wanted something a bit more private. Although the weddings at Riu were very beautiful, there were a lot of other Riu guests just standing around watching and probably ended up in the wedding party's pictures. Even when the wedding party would go to the bar, we saw other Riu guests run up behind them while they are taking photos. What some couples did that we saw was they had their wedding at Riu, then went to Rick's cafe by boat for the reception. Or I think someone else went to a restaurant outside Riu for the reception. There are so many great restaurants outside of Riu in Negril that will host receptions as well. Also, I think we were a bit more flexible with what vendors we can bring. We had fire dancers which the guests loved. I'm not sure if Riu would be able to do that but I assume if they do, they'll be other hotel guests watching around as well. It really comes down to what you want for your wedding. There is definitely a price difference with doing it at Riu and doing it somewhere else. Because then you end up paying for 2 of the most expensive things, food and alcohol. Even though doing the wedding on the beach is super beautiful, the scenery on the cliffs is just amazing, it really takes your breath away. There's a lot of small hotels on the cliffs that do weddings.
  12. Ok, very nice. Yes, we used a WC. I'm not sure though if one is needed honestly. We did it outside in the open.
  13. Awesome! When is the wedding? Are you using a WC?
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