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  1. I am so glad we did ours! We have some amazing pictures that people keep telling us should be in a magazine. We were very lucky though. One of our friends is a professional wedding photographer and we flew her out (used airlines miles) and put her and her husband in a room for a week for less than $1K. She was with us all day on the wedding day and then for 2 hours doing TTD the next day. The normal cost for a package like what we did would have been $4K - $5, so we definitely lucked out. I say do it. You only get married once and these pictures will definitely be worth it.
  2. I just got married at the Grand Mayan on November 9th. It was absolutely amazing! I was a little concerned because I had never been there. My MIL suggested it as they are owners there and have been there before so I went with it. 1. Yazmin is absolutely amazing to work with. Very quick to respond and attentive to details. When I met with her a few days before the wedding she had every single one of our emails (which was a lot) and was on top of everything. She has a great assistant that works with her as well. 2. The beach is a little rocky but that didn't stop us from getting in and swimming while we were there. The beach, pier and wedding set up made for gorgeous wedding pictures. PM me if you'd like to see a few that I have so far. 3. While they don't have a buffet - the food we had was AMAZING. Seriously people were saying it was the best wedding food they've ever had. We got the smoked salmon salad, lobster soup and filet for dinner. Everything was great. 4. One thing I loved too was that you could have the reception (if you buy the expensive package - which really wasn't that expensive compared to others) on the beach. I loved having one long table of our guests - 18 of us total - all together secluded on the beach. The illuminated decorations that are included are gorgeous. 5. We did the mariachi band as well and they were awesome. We had them come during cocktail hour (while we were taking pictures) and our guests paid them extra money to stay and do more songs because they were having so much fun with them. 6. If you end up there, I would highly suggest having your guests stay at the Grand Mayan properties vs. Mayan Palace. They are more expensive, but definitely worth the extra fee. We stayed one week at Mayan Palace and one at Grand Mayan and the Grand Mayan was MUCH nicer! 7. One thing I liked is that this resort seems secluded. Its not like in Cancun where there is one hotel on top of another. You have to walk about a 1/2 mile or a mile each way just to hit another resort. We did rent a car for the entire time were there and only ate at the hotel probably 2 times - we went into Playa del Carmen most nights and was only a 20 minute drive away. As you can tell I'd highly recommend the Grand Mayan. My SIL used to be a party and wedding planner and said that this was by far the best wedding she's been to and she couldn't have done it better herself (which she would NOT say if it wasn't true). And honestly Yazmin does the majority of it. It was pretty stressfree on our end. Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. That dress is gorgeous. How much does it cost? If anyone has a size 0 or 2, let me know!
  4. Love earrings #2 - where did you get them. Also think the 1/2 updo would be best.
  5. Its 50% off right now! I found it at my local Kohl's. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks for posting this! This was on my list of things I wanted for my bouquet as well!
  7. I would email Yazmin de la Mora. I know when I was looking at villas she had some really great suggestions.
  8. I actually found the dress I wanted on that website & will probably buy it. The girl bought it back in December but then found another dress & couldn't return it. So she's selling me her $400 brand new dress for $150 and she's paying for the shipping! Gotta love that. She's even sent me pictures of the dress so I can tell that it hasn't been worn.
  9. I am getting married there on November 9th. Have been working with Yazmin - she's been great. Are you getting married there? I haven't heard of anyone else getting married there on this board.
  10. What colors are the tealights? Are they all the same? Thanks!
  11. I didn't get the lever one but I did get a bigger - 2 inch size one at Michael's. They were 40% off so it was only $7. Thanks!
  12. Ok I'll head to Michael's this weekend to see if they have it there. If not - Erin - how much would you sell yours for? I live in MN so not sure what the shipping costs would be. Thanks!!!
  13. Does anyone have one of the Palm Tree large punches they don't need anymore or know where I could get one? I saw one at Joann's a few weeks ago and didn't buy it and went back today & they didn't have it anymore! They didn't even have a space for it anymore! I tried looking online and couldn't find anything. I also looked at Archiver's today. Just thought I'd ask because I know a lot of brides have used them - was hoping someone had one they wanted to sell!
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