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  1. Hello, I got married in Cuba in February 2009. I got married at the Sol Cayo Largo Resort on the island of Cayo Largo. My husband and I have been there 3 times and our family and friends who came loved the resort and how beautiful it was. If you are looking for the main island this is not for you but you do have the option to go to Havana and other excursions from Cayo Largo. If you have any questions or or want more info please feel free to contact me. Good Luck with your wedding planning!
  2. Ok I know it has been awhile since I have done an update but the wedding was on Feb 4, 2009 and my photographer just posted all the photos online to look at so here is the link if you wish to see them! There are some doubles but the ones of my Hubby and me on the beach are spectacular the lighting was perfect! Anyways here is the link...I will post a review son as well! ENJOY! http://www.pictage.com/625373
  3. Terri...your wedding review sounds a lot like the resort I will be going to Sol Cayo Largo...very quiet, quaint and relaxing. I will be leaving for Cuba on the 29th for my wedding down in Cuba so reading your review makes me want to leave now! Your pictures are beautiful...congrats...and thanks!
  4. Terri...your wedding review sounds a lot like the resort I will be going to Sol Cayo Largo...very quiet, quaint and relaxing. I will be leaving for Cuba on the 29th for my wedding down in Cuba so reading your review makes me want to leave now! Your pictures are beautiful...congrats...and thanks!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by CDNgroom I didn't know the shipping was so expensive. I am only planning on getting the smaller bags and am not sure if that is a cheaper option in terms of shipping. Do you know if works out cheaper (total cost wise: candy plus shipping) if you go with the smaller bags vs. the larger box? Sometimes these things work out strange...have you looked? I really do not know if it is cheaper...but if you look into it please post it. It is too late for me to get any so I have scrapped the idea! But hopefully it works out for you!
  6. I think the classic is the way to go due to the storage space....not only that are you getting this Ipod to play games or to listen to music? If you want to game then get a gaming hand held device...that is what I think. Good luck choosing!
  7. Those are great pics...makes me even more excited for my wedding in 36 days... Love your dress too! What designer? Anyways...congrats and glad to hear that it was a beautiful day for you and your husband!
  8. Welcome...it is nice to see another Canadian on here we are few and far between! Lots of great information on here I hope it helps you out! It definitely inspired me!
  9. My colors are just our favorite colors: Both bride and groom wearing all white, BM wearing dark blue with white accent and then the jewelery will be silver. We are not doing much for decoration and such just something simple so simple colors to go with it.
  10. Why not do it in Puerto Rico and then the Cruise can be like the honeymoon. The reason I say that is b/c trying to do it on the way might be harder depending if the cruise ship comes into ports at the right time, and the different paper work needed for those places. I agree with not paying the extra fee on the cruise ship...I would look into doing it before you leave for the cruise! It will be very romantic and then you can enjoy the entire cruise with family and your new Husband! Good Luck!
  11. Well I am getting married Feb 2009 at Sol Cayo Largo and I have used the Wedding package - Wedding and Honeymoon programs in Sol Melia Cuba hotels & resorts website to get an understanding of what is to be offered. Since my resort is more isolated my choices will be even more limited but the small things I am not worrying about! The only thing that is really important to me is my photography so I am bringing my own photographer ShutterBrugs Photography - Award Winning Photography, Wedding, Portraits, Maternity, Children, Event Photography. As for the rest I will just go with the flow and I am sure it will be beautiful! Melissa has been really good at answering my questions as well so I am not worried as long as I can get married on the day I specify and everyone gets food and drinks then I will be set!
  12. Hello all...I was just about to start a crabby thread about the M&M's and saw this thread so here is what I found out! I wanted a 5 lb bulk box of personalized M&M's much like what tvt received for my wedding and I asked for a approximate price to have them shipped to Canada (Vancouver) and I was quoted $130.00 for the box of personalized M&M's and then an additional $95.95 for the UPS shipping. Now I think this is outrageous! I even checked the UPS site to make sure that they were not ripping me off and the shipping cost is what the UPS site has as well! So to say the least we are not ordering these just because of the outrageous shipping costs! I can not believe that I would pay just as much as the content just to get them here. I have ordered other things via the US and used UPS and it has never been that much! I am just not sure! Any ideas anyone has for me would be great but other than that I will not be ordering them! Good Luck!
  13. Well I know that this forum has a lot of Americans who are unable to experience the Cuban hospitality but my FI and I have been there twice before and we are not getting married there in February. I love it. The hospitality is genuine and the resorts are wonderful. The oceans are beautiful and less crowded like places I have been like Mexico! Very romantic and a lot of history to be seen! I suggest it and agree with everything that 'aimee' had to say! If you want any other information please feel free to email me or message me as I love to talk CUBA! Good Luck!
  14. Both times we have been to Cuba we have used Canadian cash and exchanged it in the lobby of our hotel. We have used Canadian Visa as well but you can not guarantee that they will accept this as currency! Cash is the best way to go!
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