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Embroidered Logo Polo Shirts - $9.95

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I just received a promotional email (see below) offering customized, embroidered polo shirts for $9.95. This doesn't seem like too bad of a price, though I haven't looked around too much! Again, just sharing ...


Just $9.95 - Embroidered Company Logo Shirts!




Hello, my name is Fred Meyers. I'm the President and Founder of The Queensboro Shirt Company.


In 1982, I graduated from business school and turned a hobby of selling Lacoste-quality custom-embroidered shirts into a full-time job.


Believe it or not, my company was the first ever to offer custom-embroidered shirts to small- and medium-sized companies, birthing a billion-dollar industry! We've been hard at it ever since.


Today, our order minimum is just 4 items, we don't charge set-up or embroidery fees for standard-sized logos, and an Industry-Unique Unconditional Ten-Year Guarantee backs everything we sell.


I'd like to introduce you to a remarkable polo shirt that we recently developed here in Wilmington, NC. I know your time is valuable, so I'll try to keep this as short as possible.


Our goal was to design a shirt that could be sold at the lowest possible price, but without sacrificing quality. As the only company in our industry that backs everything we sell with an Unconditional Ten-Year Guarantee, quality is essential to our survival.


Our heritage is in yarn. For this special shirt, I chose ringspun, combed, 100% extra-long staple Pima cotton yarn. American-born Pima cotton is an extraordinary fiber. It is softer, silkier, and stronger than regular cotton. To enhance the comfort of this shirt, we use a lightweight jersey knit that lays flat on your skin and drapes well on any body style. For additional softness and size stability, we pre-wash this incredible fabric.


With a fully taped neck, a jersey "self-fabric" collar, and a classic two-button placket, this polo has a contemporary look that makes a positive first impression whether you're at work or on the golf course. Since it's much lighter and softer than the average department store polo, it'll provide extra hours of sensational comfort in all environments. Double-needle tailoring ensures that you'll be experiencing that comfort for years to come.


We regularly sell these 21st Century polos for $12.50 each. You'll find many stores selling much lower quality shirts, often with designer logos, for two to three times this price. Yes, you read that right. You can easily spend $25 to $40 in the stores and get a lesser quality shirt, perhaps even with someone else's logo on it! Try just four of our shirts, however, and I will sell them to you at an introductory price of just $9.95 each with your custom-embroidered logo.


Our volume and "factory direct" Internet-based business model eliminates middlemen and expensive printing costs and warehouse facilities. As a result, we're able to offer you our quality products at prices well below standard retail, as well as those of our competitors.


Other custom-embroidered apparel companies require you to order hundreds of shirts to get their best price. Our order minimum is just four items. In addition, we won't charge you a set-up fee or an embroidery fee for your standard-sized logo.


Please remember, our Industry-Unique Unconditional Ten-Year Guarantee backs everything we sell. We assume all the risk. You will never lose doing business with my company.


We have set up a special web site just for this offer. To see our shirts and learn how to order, please go to Just $9.95 - Embroidered Company Logo Shirts!.


Does this all sound too good to be true? You have my personal guarantee that you will be 100% delighted with anything and everything we do for you. I invite you to contact me directly at any time if there is ever anything I can do for you.


Thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon!

Best personal regards,


Fred Meyers,

President and Founder



PS. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800-847-4478. We would be delighted to hear from you!


If you would no longer like to receive email offers from The Queensboro Shirt Company, please go to: How to opt out from Queensboro's promotional emails.


The Queensboro Shirt Company

1400 Marstellar Street

Wilmington, NC 28401

phone orders: 800.847.4478

fax orders: 910.251.7771

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Great find!!!! Every $1 counts... now I just need to compare the quatliy of the shirts. I will be ordering by Feb 15. so I'll let everyone know who I go with and what the quality is like.

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Great find Ann!! Definately let us know Jenetta! I might definately consider these depending on the number of guests I end up with smile41.gif

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I just received this e-mail, so I am not sure if the 9.95 thing is still going, but if anyone is interested this is from the same company as Ann listed in the first part of this thread.



Special Purchase Polos - $12.50 each!


One of the advantages of being in the same business for twenty-five years is that I've had the opportunity to meet a wide range of people who share my interests. Over the years, this wide-ranging network of contacts has given us the ability to offer some incredible deals. We're often asked to test-market new products before manufacturers decide to roll them out to the fancy department stores. We also get a lot of closeout deals when our vendors decide to change a style or discontinue a product line.


As a result, our existing customers consistently receive some of the best deals in the industry.


Today, I'd like to share one of these offers with you. This offer went out to our existing customers last Thursday. It features three fashion-forward polos available in sizes S-4XL. This is a rare opportunity to outfit your entire crew without paying a surcharge for the larger sizes. Availability of these special purchase polos is limited to stock on hand. I'd recommend acting very soon for the best selection of sizes and colors.





Ultra Stain Resister Pique Polo

(Style 1527, S-4XL, $12.50)


Don't let random spills spoil your day. This easy-care 6.2-ounce 60% cotton/40% polyester pique knit is not only wrinkle resistant, but it is specially treated to repel water- and oil-based liquids while retaining the fabric's integrity and softness. This shirt keeps looking good no matter what the day brings.


This fashionable yet functional polo features stylish triple welt collar and cuffs, a three-button reinforced x-placket, self-fabric side vents, and a fully taped neck. Combined with a double-needle stitched hem, these features create a professional look and comfortable feel that lasts all day long.


Regularly a bargain at $24.95 each, we're now offering these stain-resistant wonders for just $12.50 each with your embroidered logo. Supplies are limited, so don't delay.







Cool-n-Dry Jersey Polo with

Striped Trim

(Style 1543, S-4XL, $12.50)


The softness of a superior jersey knit meets optimum moisture management to create a handsome polo that will keep you comfy on your most stressful days. This ultra-modern 6.1-ounce 60% cotton/40% polyester fabric has a wonderful drape and a gentle hand guaranteed to impress the fussiest of fabric aficionados.


You'll make an immediate and positive professional impression in this subtle but fashion-forward shirt. It features a double-striped, flat-knit ribbed collar; a traditional three-button reinforced placket with pearlized buttons; and a solid white body that is perfect for highlighting virtually any embroidered logo. Designed for durability and comfort, this advanced-fabric polo has a self-fabric taped neck, side vents, and a double-needle stitched bottom hem.


These modern, moisture-management marvels regularly retail for $24.95 without your logo. During this Very Big Polo Closeout, you can make them yours in sizes ranging from S to 4XL, for just $12.50 each with your embroidered logo. Availability is limited to stock on hand on a first-come, first-served basis.







Luxury Pique Polo with Striped Trim

(Style 1534, S-4XL, $12.50)


Fine combed 100% cotton is knit into a special double-pique knit to create a rich fabric that rides softly on your skin. When this fabric combines with classic design and top-end tailoring, the result is a luxurious shirt with a natural drape that compliments any body style and immediately catches the eye.


This generously cut polo features double-needle topstitching for durability and an extended tail for improved tuck during your most vigorous workday activities. Sharp single-stripe trim accents the ribbed knit collar and cuffs. Complimented by wood-tone buttons, this well-designed shirt has the look and feel of a pro-shop polo without the outlandish price.


A special value at $24.95, these solid, double-pique polos can now be yours, while supplies last, for just $12.50 each with your embroidered logo.





Believe it or not, that low price includes your standard-size embroidered logo on each item you order.


In addition to embroidering your logo at no extra charge, we'll also set up your standard-size logo without charging you a dime.


Don't know if your logo is standard size?


We'll throw in a complimentary logo evaluation to remove any doubt before you order.


Sampling our quality and service doesn't take a gigantic commitment. You only have to order four items. Unlike other companies, we don't restrict that minimum to one special product or even a "fabric category." You can mix and match among the items you find on our website. Due to special processing requirements for hats, we do require a minimum four-hat order. However, we'll never ask you to order hundreds of the same item to get our best deal.


We've been selling high-quality custom-embroidered products to small- and medium-sized organizations since 1982. We've got the experience to make your logo shine. I doubt that you're ever going to find shirts of this quality selling for under $20, and I'm certain that you won't find any at this price and this quality with your custom-embroidered logo. Don't miss this opportunity to outfit your entire crew at an exceptionally low price.


If you still have questions about our company, our policies, our products, our weather, or anything else, don't be shy. Please feel free to e-mail neworders@queensboro.com or call (800) 847-4478 anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. The friendly crew here at 1400 Marstellar Street will take the time to answer your questions. We're planning to do more than earn your order: we want to earn your trust. We're looking forward to working with you for a long time.


Best Wishes!



Fred Meyers, President and Founder



* Some restrictions apply. See our website for details.

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