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  1. We waited a month. We got married April 18th and May 18th just happened to fall on a Saturday so we went with it. As far as displaying pictures- we did this by framing some and putting them around the guest book. I also made a photo guest book so it's all photos and people could look through and sign in the white spaces. Every photographer is different with turnaround time though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I can't speak for Charly but we loved Miljan so I wouldn't worry one bit. Enjoy your wedding!!
  3. Hi! I didn't use the resort photographer but I've seen a few ladies say positive things on the Ocean Blue brides group on FB. They all seemed to have a good experience! Hope everyone's planning is going well! I'm jealous because I want to do it all over again
  4. You're welcome! Happy to help. This forum helped me tons when I was planning
  5. Hi Heather! I used the resort salon for hair and makeup for myself, 4 bridemaids, and mother in law and we were all super happy with the results! I reccommend emailing Juana, the salon manager ahead of time to make an appointment and request pricing. In my case, there was a package for 6 people for $598USD. They tried to charge me more once there but I showed them my printed email and all was well. You may be able to ask her if they have experience with clip-ins. juana@etra-spas.com Communication wasn't a problem at all. They didn't speak perfect English but we able to under
  6. Hi Ladies! I did see quite a few receptions at the ala carts but I'm not sure the number of the people they will accomdoate. The resturaunts are kind of small but the Italian and the Steak House both have outdoor seating set up too. Another option would be for them to set up a section of the buffet resturaunt for your group. I'm not 100% certain since we did the Sand Extravaganza package and had a private reception but I'm sure Ada and Yinette can confirm for you! Happy Planning
  7. I, too, was extremely happy with HDC. Arnaud was always quick to respond and answer any and all questions I had. Miljan was on time, super friendly, and anazing. The wedding day was a little chaotic because it poured in the middle of our cocktail hour so people scrambled, got to the reception too early, and we weren't able to do alot of our pictures during that time. He was so patient and great with us and our group, though and did all of the photos we would have normally done during that time before our trash the dress the next morning. He arranged the date and time that Arnaud would come bac
  8. Definately doesn't hurt to get a quote. The travel agents on here get awesome reviews too, so you could always contact one of them! YES, it's getting super close!! I don't feel ready at all but I know it will all fall into place! We are doing the beach and sticking with the basic decorations. I ordered some simple stuff like paper lanterns, some starfish to scatter on tables, and fans for the chairs at the ceremony but mostly we're just sticking with the basic decor package! The scenery is decoration enough for me! There's a few weddings coming up around here so throw your question
  9. Hi There and welcome!! We're leaving from NJ and did not use a travel agent. We booked ourselves through cheapcarribbean.com and encourages our guest to use whatever site/travel agent/ way of booking they were comfortable with. I'm still not sure what the best decision was but it worked for us! I think it really depends on how big your group is too. Using a travel agent can probably save YOU a ton of questions and headaches. This was a tough decision for me as well because there's really pros and cons to both choices! We booked a regular room and have heard from a number of brides that t
  10. Hi Sally! Congratulations on booking your wedding!! I just sent you the 2013 extras packet and the menu options. There's a few of us getting married in just a few weeks so let us know what questions you have!
  11. How exciting!! I'm starting to get pretty anxious myself. We're travelling on the 13th too!! So much to do between now and then but it will be here before we know it!
  12. Hi Ladies! I'm in the same boat-- starting to get anxious as time runs out! I'm SO excited but want to slow down time a little so I have more time to get things accomplished! I pretty much have everything we need- but it's all still in boxes all over my house. Need to get on oraganzing and putting stuff together to be ready to pack! Eeek! The one thing I can't seem to pin down is our ceremony music not sure why I'm so indecisive about it.
  13. Hi Ladies! This thread has been super quiet! How is everyone doing? Has anyone had any guests stay at a different resort? I have a few people who didn't book early enough and the resort is sold out the week of our wedding. I'm hoping they can get a day/night pass in advance for a few days instead of having to go through the process everyday. Anyone have any ideas how that may work?
  14. YES, we do need to set a time and place for the three of us to meet up! I'm starting to freak out a little bit too!! I know it will all get done in the end but right now I feel like a total slacker and need to get moving! How big is your group? Hair and Make-up- I originally was going to have my MOH do mine but I changed my mind just last week or so only because I thought it might be stressful for her that day and I want her to relax too. So I figured I'd just book the package for all of us so we can all just enjoy the morning but she'll still be there to "fix" anything if we don't like the
  15. I know we have a bunch of weddings getting closer in here so just popping in to say hello and see how everyone's planning is coming along! I've been slacking a little but our RSVPs are due this weekend so I'm hoping to start some fun projects after that. I also emailed the spa to book hair/makeup (I was undecided about using them but in the end I think it's the best way to keep it stress free). I haven't gotten a response yet but I used 'juana@etra-spas.com' . Did you all book your appointments yet? Is this the address you used? Talk soon!
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