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  1. Hard to believe over two weeks have passed since our wedding day at ME but what a memory it was! Other than a few minor issues, my wedding coordinator ) s) did an incredible job ensuring everything was perfect. Adriena and Alejandra went above and beyond to make everything come together beautifully! The ceremony was amazing. Only issue was the parasols were not put out for pics and I never got them a k till the next day so I missed that opportunity but otherwise, the ceremony went exactly as planned. We were very late for our 12:00 pm ceremony so early brides, make sure the spa does your hair first not last. Alejandra still allowed us to do our first dance even though it was not supposed to happen if the ceremony started late. I anticipated we would be late with a 12:00 ceremony so thank you Alejandra for making the first dance happen!!!!!it was magical I was super rushed with only 10-15 minutes with the photographer and videographer before the ceremony S I was late getting back from the spa but axed at now effortless the pics and video looked! They were beautiful. Thanks so much !!!!! The reception dinner and table settings looked beautiful. Every request was honoured, from a special meal for my husband and kids to the last minute changes its decorations and such. The cake did not arrive until around 9:00 pm but we were an hour plus late due to pictures. Poor guests waited over an jour for us. More like almost two hours really! Kiko at Tropical is thorough! Thanks. Pics were gorgeous! ! Cleaning service was not great but in regards to the wedding, everything was amazing. Adriena especially was accommodating Tha k
  2. Wedding review for Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana ,Dominican Rwpublic. See link below. http://www.facebook.com/groups/64929734427/permalink/10151913141364428/
  3. Gorgeous never worn Swarovski crystal shoes. Size 34 European sizing. Received them 2 weeks prior to wedding but too small. Incredible glisten as light moves across the shoe. they cannot be returned as they are custom made. Price negotiable. Must sell. Picture does not come close to capturing the true brilliance of the changing colors and sparkle these shoes emit when light strikes the crystals. Truly breathtaking!
  4. Check out our wedding website. So much fun completing this. just over 6 months to go!!! http://www.ewedding.com/sites/newfiebride40/
  5. Kristen and I are there the same week getting married too. Want to get together, let me know. Bachelorette party? Lol I don't have my dress yet or anything else ordered. Starting to feel pressured for time. Hoping it will work out ok. Needs flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, their gifts, etc. I think I have everything booked though. Lots left to do. What wedding songs are people using?
  6. Kristen and I are there the same week getting married too. Want to get together, let me know. Bachelorette party? Lol
  7. I was thinking it would be nice to get together with other brides who are also there the same week to share the excitement. Kristen and I will be there that week too. Joint Bachelorette party anyone?
  8. That's great! Interested in sharing expenses for decorations? Kristen and I are sharing chair sashes, votive holders, pillar holders, table runners. We are having red (and I am also having pink and orange to go with the red). I am getting more excited by the day!! Still a lot to do though. only 7.5 months to go. You can email me at colleenmarywilliams@hotmail.com if you want.
  9. That's great! Feel free to sit in on the ceremony, for sure. we will have to keep in touch. What colors are u using? Kristan and I are splitting the cost for some things. Interested in sharing expenses for votive holders, etc? We are having red but I have pink and orange going with the red also.
  10. Just to ease your mind, I called the Dominican embassy who translates and reviews the paperwork and they said you want send it until thre months before the wedding as the paperwork is only. I'd for three months. She also said it gets processed within two weeks and that you can go directly through them for everything g you need. R:De dress: I had a dress but as I origi ally had the wedding planned for newfoundland, it was quite heavy and not appropriate for down south. I'm heartbroken as it was the first dress I tried and it was perfect. Even mom said so. What colors are you having? I had dreams first. It the dates were the 29 which had no flight from NL so we went with majestic. Our original wedding date was July 5,2013 and everything was booked right down to pic location. But the big wedding was not me and I decided to go with my heart. My fiancée agreed and we canceled everything and took 2 weeks or more to get a date and resort. I am very happy with our decision. Lots to do but loving the process to no end. Ps how do you do spell check? I'm so spoiled! Two degrees and I can't spell for beans. Lol
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