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  1. Amaxey- I'm getting married at WO on September 19. It's nice to finally find some other 2014 Secrets brides on here! I have a couple more answers to your questions that I have previously asked. She told me that there is a $300 vendor fee charge PER VENDOR. I feel like I've read some things on here before that said the brides didn't get charged what they claim they are going to charge you. I also am getting Misha Earle for photography ( can't wait to hear if you like her!), she pays the vendor fee for you that is included in the pricing, so thats a plus. On top of the vendor fee you have to also pay the $80 for a resort pass, per person. So you will be paying $300 for the outside vendor, then $160 for the makeup artist and hair stylist. It's ridiculous where they get you to pay more and more money! Angelsj and I are both leaving the resort and going to Joni Powell's studio to get makeup and hair done. I am under the understanding that the complimentary meal is only included in the honeymoon and newlywed package. It is complimentary if you book a PREFERRED CLUB jr suit for 7 days, not just a regular room. I also thought that it was included at first. I was also told that there is a $50-$300 set up fee to set up decor that you bring yourself, they decide when you get there I assume how much they want to charge you, which I also feel is kind of ridiculous, considering thats kind of what you are paying them to do in the first place (since they are already making double since everyone is all-inclusive for food and alcohol anyways!) I'm just hoping that it will only be $50. A couple of the past brides seemed to have a bit of decor and things and they said they were only charged $50....so I'm crossing my fingers. I'm bringing my flowers with me...I really don't want to take on another $500 for flowers and decor...Chair sashes, organza for the gazebo, and possibly some table decor, but it won't be outrageous! If you have the Secrets Ultimate or Secrets of love package, a dressing assistant is included in the package. As for the music. She replied to me that if you decide to use the sound system, it is $180 PER HOUR, and that you will be given the equipment to use but will have to "assign someone from the group to monitor the music"...which I took as one of your guests would have to be in charge. After thinking about it for a LONG time...I finally decided this week that I think I'm going to pay the extra $210 and just get the DJ. I would feel bad if someone had to man the music the entire time of the reception and didn't get to have any fun. I feel like we're already paying an outrageous amount of money for all the extras, what is another $200. I can't fathom the fact that he is making $750 for a 3 hour reception (and I've also talked to brides that have told me that he is kind of forward about "tipping" him....if it's the same DJ for everyone that is....IMO thats very RUDE..and your already making out big time on the job!! Oh well! I feel like music is a really important part of the whole thing! I still haven't received any correspondence from the wedding consultant yet. It's already less than two months prior to the wedding date. I read elsewhere that it would be at least that before anyone would contact you to start the planning process. I'm trying to be patient but it's getting a little to close and I have alot of things to finish planning but don't want to before knowing the correct answers to everything!! Sorry this was wordy! Let me know if you have any other questions, and let us know when you hear back from her!!
  2. angelsj - Crap! Is it time for all of that stuff already??? I better get on the ball!!! Has the resort contacted you yet?
  3. @@SWOK - Why didn't you end up liking Misha Earle? I have deposited for her...now you have me worried @@muneera0302 - Which photographer did you use?
  4. I am going to go ahead and say that I shouldn't get my hopes up with getting my professional pics back from Misha for my AHR a tad over a month after our ceremony? I was really hoping that I could play them during a slideshow at the reception. I'm sure they are well worth the wait though! How did you feel about DJ blu? I'm really stuck on whether I want to pay so much extra money for a DJ or just get the sound system and hope I can find someone to take charge of it.....makes me nervous! Music is a huge part of the reception!
  5. Which person at the spa did your hair? Did they also do your makeup? Also- I noticed you had your reception by one of the pools, was there an extra charge for this? Did you hire an outiside DJ? Your pictures turned out absolutely GORGEOUS!
  6. Any chance of a Secrets Wild Orchid/St. James webinar?
  7. Can anyone tell me how much Rashel Edwards runs cost wise? It will most likely just be me getting my makeup done. Also- what is her traveling fee? If anyone has used her at Secrets WO....do they charge a fee to bring her in to do your makeup? I'm trying to decide if I want to just stick with the spa at the resort, or hire an outside artist....decisions, decisions.....
  8. Angelsj247 - Our date is set for September 19, 2014 at Secrets Wild Orchid. I was also worried about it being hurricane season, but I didn't want to have to wait a year and a half to have the wedding, nor did I want to rush to have it in the early summer months and have it be way more expensive as well. From the other brides I've talked to on here..they had no issues whatsoever. It's definitely a chance to take, but I'm just going to pray for amazing weather!! :-)
  9. I'm using Wright Travel Agency. I don't know how much you've seen or heard about them but I've been nothing but happy so far! The owner of this website actually is affliated with them.(not sure if she owns it or not) We are using Virgilia, who is a Jamaica specialist. She has gotten us GREAT rates compared to to others or just booking yourself. She is always there to answer questions, contacts all of my guests for information, and always answers emails in a timely fashion! If you haven't decided on anyone yet I would check them out!!! You can fill out a form giving more information on your destination and they will pair you with a certain specialist!
  10. These are SUPER cute!! How did you put the sand on? does it fall off easily? Did you print with your regular printer? On card stock? Sorry..soo many questions!!
  11. okay! Can't wait to see and hear about everything!!! Congrats!!
  12. Your colors are the same as mine!! When is/was your wedding?
  13. OMG! Thank you sooooo much for posting this!!! I've kind of came to a stand still with wedding planning due to having to study for a big test at work. I haven't gotten to check out the site for anything new in a few weeks. I'm sooo glad that someone has posted RECENTLY about their special day at Secrets! Everything turned out absolutely gorgeous!! I'm still at a loss for what all I want to do as far as decorations, location of ceremony and reception, upgrades, all of it!! Lol. I too have booked Misha Earle! Did you love her? I'm totally excited and hope its worth the extra money!! I am going to do a TTD session with her as well! Did you use your same dress? Are you having an AHR when you guys get back?....I know I've probably asked you all these questions before but it's hard to keep everything straight...especially when they changed the site!! I would love to know more about all of your planning and decision making, also..how much you ended up paying for extras, ect. Thanks again for this post! It made me feel soo much better!
  14. Here is another question for the brides that are not inviting everyone to the ceremony....(Finally I have found some recent brides on here that are in the same boat as we are!).....We decided to only invite immediate family and very close friends to Jamaica with us. Our wedding package only includes 20 people. We will be paying $80.00 per person extra for anyone over the 20 guests. That really can add up. My FI comes from quite a large family (almost 90 including aunts/uncles and first cousins) He decided to only invite his godmother and godfather and their significant others. I sent out an email inviting all of my aunts/uncles/cousins knowing that only a few if any would attend the ceremony in Jamaica. My parents still wanted me to extend the invite. We are planning on having an AHR about a month after we return....our guest list for this is already at almost 300 people. I know most people would not come to the ceremony, and I just can't fathom sending out invites to 300 people and end up having 100 people decide they would like a vacation and decide to come...(highly unlikely, but still!!) So we made the final decision to only invite certain people. I think I have around 60-70 guests invited, but we know for sure some are not going to be able to make it! Now I'm going back and forth on what I should do for my save the dates and invites. I feel like there is no way around sending out different ones to everyone. I can't send one invite with the ceremony invite and the at home reception invite on one since we aren't inviting everyone. I'll also have to send out certain save the dates for the ceremony, then AHR STD's to all 150 guests. Is there anyway around this? Have you guys already decided on what your doing for yours and how your going to save the money doing them? I'm planning on DIY for at least some if not most of the invites and STD's....although I'm going back and forth on which style I like....ex: luggage tags, passports, postcards. There are seriously too many decisions! I hadn't even thought about the showers yet! Eeeeek! Any feedback or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!
  15. I decided to go with Misha Earle. She is reasonably priced. I looked over alot of her work before deciding on her. She also will cover up to $500 in vendor fees which was a definite plus for me!!
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