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  1. I love this website! Everybody is so informed and supportive. Thank you ladies so much! Alesixinjamaica I can't wait to hear your experience and see your photos! Five weeks out!
  2. Sounds good! I'll look them up. Thank you so much! Any other suggestions ladies?
  3. Hello all. I need a photographer at Secrets, Montego Bay. Is anybody using a photographer located in Jamaica? Who are you all using?
  4. kaycag

    Vow Renewal

    I have almost everything done. My dilemma is getting the fire back into my guest. Some have canceled and I'm okay with that but the family and friends that can still go are really slowful with their plans
  5. I also booked the untimate package. I haven't had a need to add on anything but I am incorporating a few of my own ideas as far as decor and a few other minor things.
  6. I tried it in Word first and didn't have much sucess. Powerpoint worked well for me but I guess it will depend on what area you're computer savy. LOL
  7. They offer private weddings and receptions. If it will be just the two of you, you can get married in the private Gazebo they have that's suspended off the water and have a candlelight beach dinner for two followed by a couples massage on the beach. If you are have guest they can accomodate 2 to 150 (it may be more than 150 I'm not sure). I'm getting married there this coming September and I'm super excited. I agree w justchrissy...the off shore excusions is a great idea (a group catamaran trip to Margaritaville or a trip to the Blue Mountains). They have a ton of possibilities.
  8. Actually you wern't. The site you sent me too were clear bags of all sizes...what I'm looking for. I have a gew purposes for these bags so this will work out as well. Thanks!!!
  9. Does anyone know where I can obtain clear envelopes from that will fit the Aylee boarding pass template? I actually shrunk the template a little but I still need a clear envelope big enough for a 7 x 3.25 pass. Any help or suggestions? Oh btw...I've checked amazon and couldn't find anything.
  10. Everything on my logs are fonts (dingbats). There are a ton of fonts out there that create pictures. I decided to use fonts instead of pictures because they are easier to resize and format. Some people have a lot success with pictures in illustrator or publisher. I don't have access to either of those so powerpoint was my friend. LOL. The flowers are a font called hibiscus and the trees are WM Trees and I have heart pictures on a font called sexy love hearts. So for me it was a matter or finding all the right fonts first. From there most of it is easy.
  11. Yes. I created all of mine in powerpoint and added them to documents I created in Word. I say "all" mine because one I started, I couldn't stop. LOL. I have ten so far that I'm using on various documents. It's all about shapes and textboxes. What did you want to know?
  12. I saw that deal as well!!! LOL. I sent the picture to the wedding coordinator at Delta Vacations (that's who my TA booked our deal through) and I'm waiting for her to respond. But from the looks of the pictures it looks like the ceremony is set up under the Casita of course, then the guest are moved to the left for the cocktail hour (no chairs) and during the cocktail hour they move the ceremony chairs to the reception area. If this is the case then great! I have decor for the cocktail and reception tables. I think I remember them saying the beach area where they set up has multiple locations and you should be able to pick. I was a little annoyed with the two month window because you want to plan and prep your ideas (at least in your mind...LOL) and make last minute changes to decor or anything else. I can't wait to see your pics and hear your experiences. I'll try to post everything I find out from my TA or the Delta Wedding Coordinator.
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