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  1. Hi ladies! I'm now honeymooning in Negril so it will take some time for me to write a review but I had to get on to tell you not to worry about a thing. I had 50 guest and just got married on Monday. We spent a week at IRHS and it was absolutely amazing. Nicole and Tiffany did everything I requested. They work their butts off. I had a weekend full of events and they made it all possible. Don't worry about a thing. It was ithe best time of my life!
  2. Hi Ladies, I recv'd my proof for my bouquet and I absolutely love it..all that's left is for her to add the crystal to the center of the starfish .
  3. I booked Rashel...3 weeks to go. Super excited. She will be covering up my tattoo as well.
  4. I paid Rashel via paypal. I have her on Facebook and she seems to be really sweet and eager. She also includes a lot in her package that the resort does not. Thus the reason I chose her. I can only hope for the best
  5. I agree ladies, I won't let one review out of so many get to me. Things will never ever be perfect, as long as the love of your life is waiting for you at the end of the aisle that's all that truly matters. The only major thing that would cause a break down for me is if my husband to be was not there, otherwise in life you make the very best of everything always. Eholt girlie I will see you there!!
  6. Starry I posted my plans earlier in the thread if you need a guide. I'm doing the following: Ceremony on the beach including sand ceremony, dove release and toast Cocktail on the beach full menu and open bar Dinner reception at the Calabash including open bar, first dance and speeches, 630-8pm- private rental w/dj Beach party from 8-1030pm with dj and fire dancers etc. I may try to convince Nicole to let us party until 11pm. If we are not exhausted by than we may continue to party at the disco for the remainder of the night
  7. I'm using amandarosefloral.com . After waiting a few months for another vendor to start my order. I was then met with disappointment when she basically told me she couldn't accommodate me after asking me to wait two months. Needless to say I found amandarosefloral while doing a google search. They have a facebook page and the flowers look great. Kathleen the owner is extremely attentive and was willing to rush my order. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any reviews on BDW, so I'm simply praying for the best. Now to try and figure out who will do my huppa flowers and my centerpieces since Tai Flora isn't answering me. You would think they'd want the business, gosh this is unreal.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I was already quoted a vendors fee for the makeup artist. I will just let them know the day before she arrives so I don't have to pay. If anyone hears back Jodi please let us know. Communication during this wedding planning has been horrific and adds a stress factor I sure wish we could do without. I'm so spoiled with Kathleen (my real touch flowers vendor), Rebecca (from Allurements) and Rashel (makeup artist), their response time is within the hour.
  9. Does anyone know if one fire dancer is suffice for entertainment? I guess I'm thinking two will make it that much more entertaining, but I don't want to spend the extra if it's really not that big of a difference. MrsJones I neglected to ask you if the Calabash was really far from the beach. Nicole mentioned that it's about a 5 minute walk, is that right?
  10. Ladies, Nicole misunderstood my lounge furniture request so unfortunately you'll have to go through Tai flora if it's what you desire. We are settling with tables and chairs on the beach. I hope to do a planning thread, I'm really bad with taking pictures. MrsJones thanks for the review. Congrats on a beautiful day!. I'm having my reception at the Calabash, so happy you enjoyed it. I too am struggling with Jodi at Tai-flora, it's driving me insane! I can't get a response even if I paid for it.
  11. Nicole misunderstood my request it seems, so we won't be having the lounge furniture on the beach. They will set up tables and chairs for us. I plan on doing a review, I'm just so bad with taking pictures lol. I ordered bags from Ailana Kai, they arrived today YAY!! I purchased most of the OOT stuff from Target. Boy oh boy do those dollars add up lol.
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