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Pricing Comparisons for guests

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From my humble research, it seems to me that this is how the hotels compare in price for guests. I've seen a lot of us talk about wanting the price for guests to be reasonable so I did some searches. The sample prices are for a week in October, just hotel, but really, I did this to compare the hotels and see which are more/less expensive as a benchmarker. I'm sure once you've picked a hotel, you can negotiate a specific rate.




Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun 1288


Grand Melia Cancun 1083


Sunscape Puerto Aventuras 1287


Hacienda Vista 1337


Allegra Playacar (occidental) 1494


Catalonia Riviera 1341


Riu Tequila 1437


Riu Lupita 1360




Dreams Cancun 1977


Occidental Xcaret 1781


Grand Palladium Katenah 1628


Colonial Palladium 1628


The reef playacar 1532


Riu Playacar 1647


Gran Bahia Principe Tulum 1590


Grand Palladium Riviera 1992


Riu Yucatan 1685


Grand Palladium White Sand 1992





Moon Palace 2478


Riu Palace Las Americas 2260


Paradisus 2511


Occidental Royal Hideaway: 3926!


Aventura Palace 2478


Riu Palace Meixco 2203


Playacar Palace 2640


Grand Bahia Principe 2276


Xpu Ha Palace 2478

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Wow, that's good research!


I'm getting married in RIU Palace Riviera Maya in Nov 2007...puts it in the same category as RIU Palace Mexico...'EXPENSIVE'!



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just a quick FYI for people. October is the low season in RM/Cancun (with hurricanes and all)...so these rates are lower than june/july/november and especially december.

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Yes, good point Tammy, as I mentioned, this was just for comparison between hotels, not to budget how much you will likely spend. Thanks for pointing that out! For me it was just helpful to know which 'class' of price range each hotel was in because it was so overwhelming at first!

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smile123.gif thanks for putting that together. I kind of assumed MP would be $$$. I told my family my wedding in Oct. would be a nice substitute for X-mass or a nice X-mass gift. I'm wondering how much they are willing to bend on thoes prices. I think I read that destination weddings increased 400% the last few years so I'm assuming prices are just going to keep climbing. Good luck on your search

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WOW.... Magsie.. I'm assuming your prices are for 7 nights land onlyhuh.gif


What exactly are you quoting.... because the Moon Palace and Aventura quoted me land only (group rate of 10 rooms) at $130 per person based on double occupancy. Grand Bahia Prinicpe should not be in the expensive category.


Per my Experience:


Riu Tequila -- Old

Riu Lupita -- Old

Gran Bahia Principe Tulum -- Okay

Paradisus -- Yes!! nice.

Moon Palace & Aventura -- more affordable than you think


Best bet to compare "niceness" of the hotels is to go to applevacations.com and compare the apple ratings of the hotels. They are by far your best bet for honest interpetation. I am happy to share any info and/or pictures as well as the email contacts for the group rates directly to the hotels. Because at my initial glance these rates seem a bit outrageous for some hotels.

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i think this thread is a great idea but i need to interject something here...


to give proper information, you really need to compare apples to apples...


for example:

  • packages priced at different times of the year will fluctuate in prices dramatically.
  • some prices include tax, others do not. be sure to make sure you add taxes to the final price because it can make a huge difference in price.
  • some packages include r/t transfers, others do not...transfers in RM can cost as much as $50 per person
  • insurance? is it part of the pacakge price or not?

when you are on the apple website and are pricing, be sure to go to the end to get the final price. the price they initially give you does not include taxes and is about $200 less that what it really ends up being.


just FYI.

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Yes, these prices were not including air, and were from a package holiday site. I am VERY glad to know that they are more than you expect to pay.


I did it this way knowing that it varies with tax and time of year, but just to get a sense of the expense of hotels compared to one another...


Adamsgrl, would love any advice you have. I am looking at Moon Palace, Riu Palace, Dreams Tulum.


I think that they are all roughly the same price range, and pros/cons are that moon palace is far out, dreams tulum is new so not much info, and riu palace looks lovely, but is not very responsive with weddings...


Any thoughts would be great!

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Adamsgrrl, really, just 130 per person? I was looking into Beach and Cancun Palace and they gave me $181 per person per night for next summer. Can one year really make a $50 a night difference. I'm torn right now between the Palace Resorts, the Ruis and Dreams Cancun. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm afraid $181 a night per person is too much to ask of my guests. What is the best value AI in Cancun to hold a wedding considering the level of service you get.

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