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  1. let me know how the sound system is and the flowers. Can't wait to hear all the details
  2. Since I think we are going to pick the terrace, what do you think they do when the sun sets??
  3. gosh, you guys are the best. The picts are beautiful! I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the reception hall. I'm glad I'm trying to book on the terrace. How dirty would people get if you did do the wedding on the beach? Since I'm only 5'1" I plan on wearing at least 6in platform shoes!
  4. Ugg, so how bad were the pictures I have the same concern....keep us posted on who you use. P.S. I'm still going to try to make the site visit whe weekend you get married! Would love to see you in person Quote: Originally Posted by andreslove I'm starting to get a little nervous now. The photographer issue is a big concern. All of this time, I was set on using their photographer and now I don't want to. I would hate to regret that I didn't pay the extra money to have some great pictures. I have seen some of their pictures, but who knows if the pictures that they sent will be from the same person that's doing my wedding.
  5. Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa - Cancun - Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa Reviews - TripAdvisor This is the link to Moon Palace. the link is in the top center page just under the Hotel Photo link. Its the link called Candid Traveler Photos. I hope you can find it.
  6. The picts look great-thanks. Is it windy? I have also recently seen some wedding pits on Trip Advisor. If you look at MP there is a link to candid photos with tons of picts. After reading the e-mails I think we may also bring music instead of of a DJ. Thanks for all the help
  7. The picts look great-thanks. Is it windy? I have also recently seen some wedding pits on Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor and if you look at MP there is a link to candid photos. After reading the e-mails I think we may also bring music instead of of a DJ. Thanks for all the help
  8. thanks for putting that together. I kind of assumed MP would be $$$. I told my family my wedding in Oct. would be a nice substitute for X-mass or a nice X-mass gift. I'm wondering how much they are willing to bend on thoes prices. I think I read that destination weddings increased 400% the last few years so I'm assuming prices are just going to keep climbing. Good luck on your search
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by akh So I saw a STD card that I liked, but I wanted to use magnets. So I attempted to copy the design into something that I could upload and have made into a magnet. Here is my attempt - I used Excel and clip art. I am still playing with the exact wording, and whether or not I want the little calendar. Any feedback is appreciated! The first one is sooo cute. I love the calander idea especially if it stands out on a magnet. I didn't have enough points to view the other 2. looks like I'll have to learn how to play games. Or I could just bug everyone with tons of notes
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by andreslove Hello ladies, We decided to get married at Moon Palace for lots of the reasons that's been mentioned, including: 1. They have great wedding packages. 2. It's all-inclusive 3. Good ratings from other brides 4. Family friendly (we wanted our nieces and nephews to be able to come) 5. They pretty much do it all 6. Beautiful gazebo and horse drawn carraige 7. We've never been there. 8. You have access to all of the other Palace properties 9. Tours and water sports are included 10. It's not in the hotel zone (we didn't want to be with the Spring Breakers) 11. also my Dad has seen the resort and loved it 12. it had more of a contemporary feel vs cheesy 13. 1-2 weddings a day (different spots you can get married including a church) 14. the horse drawn carraige kind of swong my vote
  11. DW was just not responsive and the girl didn't know the sites! I thinking booking the site will be the hardest part (which I know I couldn't do on my own). What I actually need the most was a little TLC to know I'm not in this alone! Tammy has been nothing but awsome!! Every time I wine she is there!! Anyway, I gonna make my FI set up the site. If people really want to come, they will come. I'm not going to hound people into getting their sh_t together. I think my FI is finally going to help me download picts tonight. I a little jealous of everone's picts
  12. I think a little hurricane would liven things up (or maybe I'm thinking of the drink). All I know is nothing could possible spoil my wedding day except if I put on 50lb!! I'm gonna chance the Oct weather, besides its just after my b-day and we will be partying on my fav holiday-halloween!!! anyone know if they celebrate that holiday down in RM?
  13. MIA? I can't believe how dedicated you are to this site!!! A break is always good. My FI is a MD and I'm a PharmD. so if you are hurt, have any probs or Q's let me know
  14. will get it done today. you have been the biggest help. thanks Quote: Originally Posted by host YAY! did you fill out the paperwork and get it back to the resort?
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