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  1. Your wedding looked amazing! I loved your cake! Well worth the $180 in my book.
  2. Holy crap! My wedding is in like 12 days and I've been talking to Daniella the whole time! and I emailed her like 2 days ago and no one's gotten back to me yet. Does anyone know if Gaby just uses Daniella's email or does she have her own?
  3. I just found out I have a date twin at Dreams last week. I'm a little bummed but what can you do...
  4. Is Friday always Carribbean night because that's when I was planning on having my welcome dinner? What time does the restaurant usually open? If one night is Carribbean night and one night is Mexican night, does that mean for those two nights, you can't eat anything but those foods? (I guess you could always order room service)
  5. rockbride


    Welcome Grace! Happy planning!
  6. Amazing pictures Emily! Gets me more excited to get to work with Vincent! My WC at Dreams Cancun has known about me using Vincent since I've booked him and she didn't mention anything about an outside vendor fee or anything actually. I hope it doesn't blow up somehow....
  7. There is no way it is a 1 and 1/2 drive. It's more like a half hour drive if you go direct from the airport.
  8. You and your pictures look great! Sorry about the rash... bummer.
  9. Thanks for posting your review and congrats on your wedding!~ I would love to see some pics~ I'm using Vincent and having a beach reception as well!
  10. I read tripadvisor religiously and people lately seem to have a big problem with the cleanliness of the glasses from the pool bar? Is it really that bad? Should I be concerned? Also, are guests staying in the pyramid allowed to use the tower beach? What about the tower pool? Although not being able to use the pool would be understandable. Silly questions, but does Dreams give you toothbrushes? I'm trying to figure out if I need to throw one in the OOT bags.
  11. Thanks for starting this thread Jackie! My wedding date is July 6, 2008. I wonder how people can plan a destination wedding without this site...
  12. Our wedding is scheduled to start at 5:00pm in July at Dreams Cancun. That's the time Daniella and Sol suggested. I wonder if anyone else is getting married on my date at Dreams...
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