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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sgrimm1 You looked beautiful. However the whole rashe thing is freaking me out. I love your brides maids dresses where did you find them? I found them on watters and watters website under Wtoo. then we got them for 150 at the house of brides!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lynds I agree i absolutely love the color of your bridesmaids dresses!!! Thanks!!! I wasnt too sure of them when they came in but they turned out great!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Kryztan CMW- Question....I am wanting orchid bouquets. How much did you pay for each bouquet? I asked my wedding coordinator how much they run and never got a response! I want to say about 20-40 a bouquet. they were really tiny though!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JoannaR WOW beautiful pics but like everyone saids "SCARY" rashes I really hope you get major compensation for that.. Thank god it was in places that were not visable for yuor wedding day. I could imagine the stress this must of caused you. Either way everything looked beautiful and thanks so much for the review. Daniella is my WC but she has been MIA lately.. maybe this is why.. Did the DJ introduce you guys and the bridal party as they do here in the states?? Yes he did....his english wasnt the greatest but we think he did a great job!! I had the rash on my face the day of the wedding........but luckily we covered it up with makeup!!!!
  5. I will finally finish my review!! Sorry things have been hectic around here.... Flowers~~A+ Our flowers were done by the resort. I couldnt have been happier. My bouquet had ivory roses and ivory orchids and the girls had orchids. The flowers stayed fresh through the whole ceremony and reception. One thing I would have done is ask for vases at the reception for at the head table (for everyone to put their flowers in) B/c they just layed on the table.......I didnt even think of it until I was sitting at the table!!! Photographer~~~A++++++++++++++ Claudia Rodriguez was my photographer.....she was amazing!!! She went above and beyond for us. she is the one who introduced me to Carlos(Mannia Cancun). She got us sparklers and never even charged us for them!! She was awesome and has a great personality everyone loved her!! she brought her brother as her assistant and he did a great job as well!! I havent gotten my professional pics back but as soon as I do I will post them. I can't Wait!!! DJ~~~A+ We used Carlos from Mannia Cancun. He was great...his correspondence over email was wonderful. He played every song that we sent him and was very accomodating at the reception. I would recommend him to anyone If anyone has any other ?'s just PM me!!!
  6. Thanks everyone!! The dress is made by Marisa. I got it at a local bridal shop Volles. I will finish my review later tonight!!
  7. It looks terrible now..........turned black and blue and has spread!!! On our honeymoon I had to explain to people what it was so they didnt think my husband beat me!!!! Apple vacations is looking into it...so it should be cleared up by your wedding!!! if it is sea lice......there is a lotion that you can get and put on to prevent it.....SEA CARE
  8. We swam in the ocean a few times.........but some people who got the rash didnt go in the ocean or pool at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks!!!!! It was awesome minus the rash and a few other things........but hey we all can laugh about it now!!! I will finish my review tomorrow.............Lots more to come........we ended up getting 1500 USD taken off our wedding..........