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Senora de Garcia

Hi from Mexico!

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Hi Ladies!


My name's Emilie, and I'm a new member on this forum (but not a new viewer!) because the registration link wouldn't work on my mac and I have been so frustrated because I have been wanting to participate for so long! Eventually I broke down and used another computer to sign up!


Ok, this was just supposed to be a quick hello..ha. Anyway, I'm originally from Victoria, Canada but I'm currently living in the Northeastern Mexico with my Mexican FI Raul, whom I met at university many many years ago. We've finally started to make plans to make it official in la Riviera Maya in April 2009! Still no exact date, but we're thinking about the week after holy week (after April 13th).


With about a year to go, my latest task has been trying to decide on a Resort...We've got about 50 guests most likely coming, and I'm pretty sure we're looking for something all inclusive, but since Raul's Catholic it has to have a chapel or be relatively close to one (Nuestra Señora Del Carmen, on 5th Ave in PDC or the amazing Chapel in Xcaret are on our minds).


I'm shooting for a price of under $1500 USD, including 6 nights and airfare from Vancouver, for my guests so it can't be too outrageously fancy, but of course we would love the best bang for our buck! Any ideas?


I know lots of you are getting married at Dreams, but I've been told there's at least 1 wedding each day there, and I want to feel special, not like I'm in a Vegas marriage factory...Am I completely off, or is this a valid concern for this Resort?


I'm really excited to be able to finally get this ball rolling, and I'm sure we will be able to help eachother out a lot with this daunting task.


I'm going dress shopping with my mum when I go home to vistit next week, so I'll make sure to take pictures to post once I find it!

Looking forward to chatting with you all!smile03.gif



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Welcome!! I am getting married at Dreams but I really don't care if there is another person getting married the same day.

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Welcome Emilie! I understand your concern aboutgetting married in a factory. I think that is why we are getting married in Zihua since it is a place that is not so popular and very special to us. HOWEVER, it has been a bit of a challenge getting information specific to Zihua. One advantage to getting married in a place like Dreams is that you have so many resources here that will make planning a wedding at Dreams a little easier (although i don;t think there is such a thing as an easy wedding. Good luck!!!




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